Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Darth Vader Costume

Of all the Star Wars costumes, Darth Vader Costumes are probably the most popular, and because of his tag as one of the ultimate villain's of all time Darth Vader also makes a perfect Halloween costume. In fact earlier this year The market share of Internet searches in the UK for "Halloween costumes" was up 19% compared to the previous year. Topping the list for fancy dress ideas during Halloween was “pirate costume” and second was “Darth Vader Costume”

Deluxe Darth Vader Costumes can set you back over £650 but thankfully for those who don't actually want to become Darth Vader there are cheaper versions of the costume that still look pretty cool although unlike the deluxe version, do not come with a Lightsaber or the Darth Vader Breathing device that gives you his distinctive sound as well as look. Check out the Star Wars costumes on Jokers' Masquerade for more details of the deluxe and standard versions of Darth Vader Costumes as well as Jango Fett Costumes, Stormtrooper Costumes, Jedi Costumes, Princess Leia Costumes and Yoda Costumes.

Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Santa VS Jack Game

Santa Vs Jack Game from Jokers' Masquerade.

(Jokers' Masquerade has the largest online collection of adult fancy dress costumes and Halloween costumes in the UK today)