Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Ideas for Sexy Christmas Costumes

sexy santa costume
Sexy fancy dress costumes in general are very popular and in fact continue to increase in popularity as can be seen with the rise of companies like Leg Avenue. Over Halloween there is a large increase in the number of sexy Halloween costumes for sale and now as Christmas approaches, we are seeing a similar rise in the number of Sexy Christmas Costumes.

So within the section of sexy costumes for Christmas what is available this year?

Sexy Santa Costumes
The obvious choice for a fancy dress costume, especially for men is to dress up in a Santa Claus Costume, but what if you are a girl? The good news is that there are plenty of Womens Santa Costumes, many of which would be described as being sexy. I have also noticed that there are a number of sexy Santa costumes for women that come under the name of "Christmas Gift Costumes." I guess that the idea is that you are giving yourself dressed in a sexy costume to your partner, definitely a Christmas present that I wouldn't mind receiving this year :-)

Sexy Santa Costumes on

sexy elf costumeSexy Elf Costumes
Other than Women's Santa costumes, there are some really good sexy elf costumes, the green elf costume pictured and is available from Amazon on the link below was one of the most popular fancy dress costumes over Christmas last year and it looks like it will be just as popular this year.

Sexy Elf Costumes on

Sexy Fairy Costumes
Another popular choice and can be especially handy if you don't feel like dressing in Green and red, is to dress up as the fairy that sits on top of many Christmas Trees, I have note yet found any sexy star costumes!

Sexy Fairy Costumes on

sexy angel costumeSexy Angel Costumes
There are also quite a few sexy angel costumes available, if you don't feel like being a fairy and I think is another great Christmas fancy dress idea.

Sexy Angel Costumes on

Other ideas for sexy costumes for Christmas include this Sexy Frosty the Snow-Vixen Costume, which again is a nice non green and red twist on the Christmas theme.

Sexy Toy Soldier CostumeI also found this great Nellie Nutcracker Toy Soldier Costume for woman that includes knit dress with gold foiled fabric, matching hat and "Nuts" bag as well as a Sexy Toy Soldier Costume, which is not strictly a Christmas costume, but it is sexy and it is red and white and so won't look out of place in any Christmas themed fancy dress party.

Sexy Toy Soldier Costumes on

Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Sexy Snow White Costumes

sexy Snow White costumeWhen I was researching my previous post on Snow White Fancy Dress Costumes, I could not notice how many different styles of sexy Snow White costumes that are available.

Who would have ever thought that you could turn a pretty innocent character like the Disney Snow White costume into a sexy costume and as far as I can tell, they are pretty popular as well.

If you are looking for a sexy fancy dress costume, I think there are a few pretty good sexy versions of Snow White that really work, as they are still recognisable as a snow white costume.

To Check out a large selection of the Sexy Snow White costumes try:

US Shoppers
Sexy Snow White Costume on

UK Shoppers

Sexy Snow White Costume on

Snow White Fancy Dress Costume

snow white costume
Snow white makes a great fancy dress costume as the yellow, red and blue colours combined with the wig make it obvious it is the Snow White costume from the Disney's Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs film that featured the magic mirror and obviously the seven dwarfs.

This adult version of the Disney Snow White costume comes with a satin and velour dress with gold brocade trim, a stand up collar and hair ribbon. As far as I know to get that authentic Snow White hair style, you will have to also purchase a the Snow White wig which is usually sold separately.

It is interesting to note that in many versions of Snow White, other than the well known Grimm brothers and the Disney versions, the dwarfs in the story are actually thieves and the magic mirror is often not included at all. There is even one version of Snow White that comes from Albania where she lives with 40 dragons and not the dwarfs at all!

And perhaps because of this there are apart from the Snow White costumes shown many variations, to see them all check out these ones:

US Shoppers
Snow White Costume on

UK Shoppers
Snow White Costume on

If you are looking for a more racier version check out my post on Sexy Snow White Costumes

Friday, 28 November 2008

Lara Croft Costumes

I have always thought that Indiana Jones and Lara Croft costumes would make great couples costumes and perfect to wear to any fancy dress party especially if there is a movie or some kind or action hero theme. It was though doing some research into Lara Croft Tomb Raider costumes that I found out that initially she was going to basically be the Indiana Jones of computer games, until one of the designers of the Tomb Raider game noticed that many of his friends would often choose female characters when playing the then popular computer game called "Virtual Fighter"

Once they had decided to make the hero in the game a female it was then decided that she would not be the steriotypical blond bimbo that were used in many games at the time and so Lara Croft has always had long brown hair and brown eyes.

The Lara Croft Costume
Though the Lara Croft tomb raider costume has changed a little over time, like in Underworld, Lara now wears a brown and black halter top with green and black shorts, her traditional iconic costume of the classic green or blue sleeveless shirt, short, tight, light brown shorts, calf-high boots, white socks, fingerless gloves, a small backpack, and two holsters on her utility belt has always remained pretty constant and is probably the most recognisable image of her.

Lara Croft Fancy Dress Costumes
Most of the fancy dress Lara Croft costumes tend to be based on her classic look and I guess you need to have a pretty decent figure to pull off stepping into Angelina Jolie shoes. Still if you can pull it off, I think it is an excellent womans costume.

Where to buy the Lara Croft Halloween Costume

There are a few officially licensed Edios Lara Croft costumes and non licensed look alike costumes available from most fancy dress and Halloween Stores and so you should not have any trouble in finding it. Just make sure that if you think you are buying a licensed costume that you actually get it and because Lara has manny accessories, just check to see if the costume comes with her guns and backpack included in the price and not as an extra.

US Shoppers
Lara Croft Costumes on

UK Shoppers
Jokers' Masquerade Lara Croft Costumes

Lara Croft Costumes on

Monday, 24 November 2008

Pimp my Iron Man Costume!

The Ultimate Iron Man Fancy Dress Costume for Kids?
There are plenty of official and not so official Iron Man costumes for both children and adults available for sale. But none have the gadgetry of this one.

One very lucky and cute kid had his father spent two months modding and pimping out the standard child's Iron Man Costume available on the market.

Iron Man Costumes

Not only did he add a CO2 air compressor to fire missiles or repulsor waves, but a complete BeagleBoard computer running a makeshift JARVUS along with an Arduino board to handle all of the advanced suit functions.

Below are all the additions made to the IronMan Costume:
  • Missile launcher - Uses CO2 air pump can to launch a paper missile.
  • SA magnetic switch sensor lights his repulsor hand light and fades out and in his glowing eyes.
  • Sound Effects - configured Elightenment17 to playback sound effects using Mplayer script. Mouse buttons activated by Arduino Digital output triggered by sensors.
  • A LED night light from Costco embedded in his the chest of the Iron Man Suit.
  • Powerful Computer - With BeagleBoard already running in JARVUS box on the back of the Ironman Suit they plan to add more features including a Web cam, mobile router with hotspot and a head-mounted display, VoIP, streaming video of Iron Man view.

The standard Iron Man Costume is available from - is still pretty cool, even without all the extras'

Sunday, 23 November 2008

Santa Claus Chimney Hat

Christmas Fancy Dress Ideas

I just happened to find the Santa stuck in the chimney hat whilst I was researching the Christmas tree hats, and thought it was worth a mention as it would surely would do well in a unique Christmas costume hat competition if there was such a thing or if you are looking for something a little different to the traditional Santa Claus Costume

Thursday, 20 November 2008

Christmas Tree Hats

Christmas Tree Hat Costume
If you would like to be a little more subtle than wearing a Christmas tree costume and not as common as a Santa Claus Costume but still want to dress up as one of Christmas's most iconic and easily recognisable icons?

How about this Light-up Christmas Tree Costume Hat that I think is absolutely hilarious.

They, as well as a few other styles are available on Amazon.

US Shoppers
Christmas Tree Hat on

UK Shoppers
Christmas Tree Hat on

Christmas Tree Costumes

Christmas tree costumeSomething a little different from the normal Santa Claus costumes and what I think is a pretty cool fancy dress idea for Christmas is a Christmas tree costume. Yes, you read it right, why not dress up as a Christmas tree if you are going to a fancy dress party over the festive period, I guarantee you that it will bring a smile to just about everyone's face at the fancy dress party! A friend of mine wore one to a party that we went to last year and it was by far the most popular and unique costume there.

A few years ago the only commercial Christmas tree costume available is the one I have displayed here and if you wanted something different you had to make your own Christmas tree costume, which if you are anything like me is way beyond my skill levels! Luckily there are now a few different Christmas costume manufacturers producing tree costumes, so with a little research you are sure to find the costume that fits both your style and budget although I have to say I still feel that this one is the best value for one available.

USA Shoppers
Christmas Tree Costumes on

Christmas Tree Costume on

UK Shoppers
Christmas tree costumes on Jokers' Masquerade Fancy Dress

Christmas Tree Costumes on

Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Make Your own Womans Pirate Costume

Rather than buying a Pirate wench Costume, you could always try a home made version.

The awesome video below shows you how you could do it, although to be honest it would be way too advanced for my sewing skills.

Sunday, 16 November 2008

Christmas Elf Costumes

christmas elf costumeOther than the Santa costumes, the next most popular Christmas fancy dress costume are the Santa's little helpers: elf costumes

Traditionally Christmas Elves have a red or yellow and green costume with pointy ears, long noses, and pointy hats. Despite having similar names, Christmas elfs and fantasy elves are not the same species. Christmas elfs are actually more similar to pixies and gnomes than fantasy elves. I think people mistakenly believe that elfs and elves are the same race comes from Santa's elfs being referred to as "Santa's elves"

Whatever the case the Christmas elf costume pictured is probably the best known elf outfit for sale at the moment which you will probably find in most decent fancy dress shops and on-line retailers and comes with the elf hat, coat, trousers, belt, and boots.

To buy any of the Christmas Elf costumes on this page, as well as many other elf costumes, there are a few links below that may help you:

USA Shoppers
Christmas Elf Costumes on

Christmas Elf Costumes on

Elf Costumes & Free shipping on orders at

UK Shoppers
Christmas Elf Costumes on

sexy elf costume
Sexy Elf Costumes

Female Elf Costume are also popular and there are quite a few very sexy elf costumes available. The deluxe sexy elf costume pictured is not cheap but is well made and comes with the bell-tipped hat and dress with belt and green-striped stockings.

Childrens Elf Costumes

Again there are plenty of outfits to choose from for children, for both boys and girls.

Baby Elf Costume

Baby elf Costume

One of the cutest fancy dress costumes for Christmas has to be this Baby Bunting Elf Costume from Smiffys.

If you would rather make your own here is an article on How to Make a Christmas elf costume

Thursday, 13 November 2008

Homemade Christmas Elf costume

How to make a Christmas Elf Costume

There are plenty of fancy dress elf costumes available to either hire or buy, but if you would rather make your own childrens elf costume, I managed to find this very easy way to make an elf costume that will also be a great way you can spend some quality time together with your children doing something creative as you make the costume together.

This elf costume is recommended for children of 4 years or older.

To make your own elf costume you will need:

  • About two yards of red felt per elf costume (Fabric other than felt can be used, but it will probably require hemming.)
  • A few smaller pieces of other colours of felt like green, white, yellow and black
  • Non-toxic glue
  • Measuring tape
  • Tiny bells
  • Needle and thread.

Measuring and cutting out the fabric
  • Start off by folding over the felt, then ask your child to lie down on it. This fold will become the shoulders of the elf costume which is great news as you don’t have to sew them!
  • Use a marker to mark the sides of the neck, the lower edges of the armholes and the length of the costume that you want.
  • Cut out the costume and try it on over your child’s head.

The Elfs Hat

  • Measure the circumference of your child’s head and mark it on the felt leaving about an inch as spare.
  • Then Mark the desired height around 1 foot is about right, if it is too long the hat will tend to easily fall off
  • Cut out the rectangle that you have just marked out
  • Roll it into a cone and place it on your child’s head, it should go down over their ears, to get the right size.
  • Keep the shape and size, but remove it from your childs head to pin it together.
  • An extra flap of material will be left over – don’t worry about this. It won’t be seen once the hat is turned inside out.

Time for the Sewing
  • Don't worry, there is not much sewing involved and so and it won’t take very long. It is probably best you do this away from your child for safety reasons.
  • If you are sewing the costume by hand, use a double thread.
  • Sew the sides of the tunic together leaving ample room for the arms.
  • Then Turn it inside out so the seams don’t show.
  • Then sew the cone hat along the line of safety pins in the hat and turn it inside out.
  • Finish by sewing a little bell onto the point of the hat.

And that is the main part of the costume done, you can then encourage your child to decorate the costume by sticking the other pieces of coloured felt to the costume. If he / she is old enough they can cut out shapes.

And that is it - The Easy Peasy Homemade Elf Costume for Kids!

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Womens Santa Claus Costumes

sexy santa costume
Christmas Fancy Dress Ideas: Santa Claus Costumes for Women
In this modern world Santa does not HAVE to be male, in fact if take a look there are almost as many Santa costumes for women as there are the men's version.

Sexy Santa Costumes
Ok, so we all know that the traditional Santa is supposed to be a big fat bloke with a beard, well for a far more sexier alternative, there are plenty of sexy Santa costumes available out there. Possibly more of a Christmas present for your partner than for yourself though! I also have a sneaky suspicion which version of Santa most teenage boys would rather have deliver their xmas presents to as well!

So for a little bit of fun and if you have got it why not flaunt it this Christmas in a sexy Santa costume! Amazon is a great place to start looking, they have a large selection of just about everything, but also many sexy Santa outfits for Christmas:

Sexy Santa Costumes on

Sexy Santa Costumes on

Womans Santa Costumes
If dressing up in a sexy costume is not your thing there are also plenty of womens Santa Clause costumes available that whilst can never be fully traditional (Santa is a man!) they focus a little more on tradition and a little less on sexy than the one featured above!

Crazy Santa Costumes

grinch santa costume
Fancy Dress Ideas For Christmas
If you are a little bored of the traditional red and white image of Santa, here are a few alternative fancy dress ideas for Santa this Christmas that I have managed to find on the web.

The Grinch Santa Claus Costume
The Grinch Santa costume is also fun. If you do not know the story, the Grinch is a character that was developed by Dr Seuss and it was he that stole Christmas and I think makes a fun alternative to the traditional white bearded Santa. This Grinch fancy dress costume comes with the Grinch mask with attached green fur fabric whiskers. The Headpiece has the red Santa hat attached. Red long sleeved Santa jacket and completed by a wide black belt with an over-sized brassed belt buckle.

bad santa costumeBad Santa Costumes
Red and White not the colours for you? How about black and white? I managed to find this Bad Santa costume that has the words 'Bah Humbug' written on the Santa hat, perfect for the Santa with a bad streak in him!

Take a look here if you are looking for a Traditional Santa Claus costume

Costume Kingdom

Traditional Santa Claus Costumes

The Traditional Red and White Santa Outfits
So where did this iconic image of Santa in his red suit come from? Some people incorrectly think that the Coca-Cola Company invented the red Santa costume in the 1930's. Coca-Cola only used the character because his well-known colour scheme is similar to that of the company logo. So even though Coke were not the first to put the red suit on Santa, the company did play a large role in making the character much more popular. It was way back in 1885 that we find the first Christmas card depicting Santa Claus in his famous red suit. Printed in Boston by by Louis Prang although I am not sure if he was the first to put Santa into the red and white. The original inspiration came from Saint Nicholas of Myra, in the Netherlands. In Dutch he was called Sinterklaas, who was helped by his servants called Zwarte Pieten, who we now call his elves.

Fancy Dress Santa Claus Costumes

Santa Suits
I guess these days when we think of Christmas, the first name that comes to mind is Santa Claus. The great thing about Santa as a character is his well known fancy dress costume. The red and white Santa Costume, or Santa suit with long white beard and Santa hat is about as well known an icon in the fancy dress world as you can get. If you are looking to buy a Santa outfit there are literally thousands to choose from and all from the outside look fairly similar. From the super deluxe Santa suits to cheap Santa beards and hats, you are sure to find a costume that will suit your needs as well as how deep your pocket goes, but all this choice can also be a little daunting. My advice with so much choice would be to shop around, spend a bit of time and you are sure to fined the right xmas costume for you.

A great place to start is with a shop like Amazon who have a huge variety of costumes that you can quickly browse through:

Santa Costumes on

Santa Costumes on

Monday, 10 November 2008

Top Selling Halloween Costumes for 2008

Jokers' Masquerade Halloween Costumes recently published an article on their website, featuring the best selling Halloween costumes for 2008. It actually makes quite interesting reading and is a nice insight into how well certain costumes do over the busiest time of the year for the fancy dress industry. I have listed the top 10 Halloween costumes below in order of popularity.

Interesting points:

  • The Ghostbusters costume has been number one for the last two years!
  • 8 out of the top ten Halloween costumes are adult male costumes, I would have thought more womens Halloween costumes would have made the top ten? Perhaps girls like trying different costumes and to make sure that they are not wearing the same dress as someone else at the fancy dress party!
  • The Jigsaw, Wizard Wanda and Joker Costumes are new costumes for this year.
  • 6 of the top ten Halloween costumes are inspired by movies. (Ghostbusters, Edward Scissorhands, The Saw, Batman, Nightmare On Elm Street and Harry Potter)
  • There are 2 zombie costumes in the top 10 and no Ghosts costumes
Below are the top 10 best selling Halloween Costumes at Jokers' Masquerade in 2008:

Ghostbusters Halloween Costumes1) Adult Official Deluxe Ghostbusters Costume
I find the popularity of the Ghostbusters Halloween costumes somewhat perplexing, sure during it's time way back in the 80's it was a great film and yes the fancy dress costume is pretty cool, but for it to be the No. 1 selling Halloween costume for two years running is quite an achievement!

2) Adult Edward Scissorhands Costume
Again, like the Ghostbusters costume, the Edward Scissorhands Costume comes from a film, and this one is not even really about ghosts or Halloween, so again for me it is pretty interesting that it is one of the most popular Halloween costumes.

3) Adult Grave Groom Zombie Costume
Finally coming in at number 3 is a typical Halloween type fancy dress costume. It aint a ghost but what could be better than a scary zombie Halloween costume.

Tinkerspell Halloween Costume4) Adult Tinkerspell Costume
The first womans Halloween costume and it is a twist on a scary witch costume with a hint of a fairy costume included. I think what makes this costume popular is that most girls want to look good at a party, even Halloween parties, so who would pick a witch costume when you can dress in a sexy evil fairy costume!

5) Complete Zombie Adult Costume
The second Zombie costume, and still no ghost costumes (only a ghost killer) - kind of obvious who is winning the zombie / ghost popularity contest at Halloween!

6) Adult Official Saw Jigsaw Puppet Costume
Another costume that takes it's inspiration from a film, this time it is the very scary Saw series of horror films.

7) Adult Evil Jester Costume
One of my favourite themes as being the most scary costumes are scary clown costumes and you don't get much better than this very popular evil jester costume.

8) Adult The Joker Deluxe Costume
I thought that with the popularity of the Dark Knight Batman film and the sad passing away of Keith Ledger, that The Joker Costume may have been higher up the list than in 8th place.

9) Adult Freddy Krueger Costume
A Nightmare On Elm Street is another popular Halloween film and so makes a popular Halloween Costume.

10) Adult Wizard Wanda Costume
This is an interesting one at number 10 as it comes from the Harry Potter films, so I guess will be more popular in the UK than the USA and only the second female Halloween fancy dress costume in the top 10.