Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Sailor Costumes and Fancy Dress Ideas

sailor costume
The fancy dress sailor costumes with the white suit, blue collar and bell bottomed trousers were introduced as the sailor's suit in the Royal Navy in 1857. It is called the Number One uniform in the navy and because of it's instantly recognisable style and the fact that the sailor costume has become a popular fancy dress outfit.

Girls and Boys Sailor Suits
Back in the late 1800's the sailor costume became normal dress for girls and boys, not only in the UK but all around the world. This started with a 4 year old Prince Albert, when in 1846 he wore a sailor uniform given to him during a cruise off the Channel Islands. The public were delighted and engravings of him spread the image of the Prince in a boys sailor costume. This caught on and it wasn't long before both boys and girls were wearing sailor costumes.

Sailor Costumes as a School Uniform
In many Asian countries school children still wear sailor costumes as their school uniforms. Sailor girl costumes have now led to a fetishization of the female sailor costume, especially in Japan. Because of this there are now many “sexy sailor costumes” available and this has also led to anime cartoons such as the Sailor Moon series that is very popular in Japan and you can now find many Sailor Moon costumes that people wear as fancy dress.

The Female Sailor Costume
Ladies sailor costumes are very popular and there are all ranges from the very traditional looking sailor costume to sexy sailor costumes guaranteed to turn heads at any fancy dress party! Again if you are looking for couples costumes or Halloween costumes for couples a great idea would be to both dress up as sailors.

Sailor Costumes and Cartoon Characters
Some of the most popular western cartoon characters wear sailor costumes, these include Popeye and Donald Duck. So as a fancy dress idea you could either look for a Popeye costume, or to make a Popeye sailor costume you could get a sailor costume, a pipe and a can of spinach! Donald Duck costumes can be hard to find, so you could just get a duck costume and then combine it with a sailor uniform.

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