Monday, 29 September 2008

Most Scary Costume for Halloween Ever!

Scary Costume: Clown

Halloween is all about scary stuff and fancy dress costumes play a big part in that so, I thought what would be quite fun is to find the most scary costumes for Halloween out there. But what exactly is scary, I think the idea of something being scary and therefore a scary costume is different for everyone. Some people are scared of spiders, so would a Spider costume make a good Halloween scary costume? I am not so sure, so what I have tried to do is find things that would be scary to most people, things like:

Scary clown costumes
I guess from the list above, I find scary clowns the most scary of all, this possibly has something to do with a certain Stephen King film called "IT" that I watched as a child and don't think I have ever quite got over! Funny thing is the Scary clown from IT reminds me a little of Crusty The Clown from the Simpsons and would make an excellent scary fancy dress costume especially as a boys Halloween costume. The good news is that there are a bunch of scary clown costumes out there for sale, but also feel that with a little (or a lot) of make up it would also be possible to make your own scary clown Halloween costume.

bloody vampire costumeGhost costumes
The traditional scary costume for Halloween has to be a ghost costume, for me in sharp comparison to scary clown costumes, I don't find ghost's scary, again this is just me and this time probably has something with me liking Casper the friendly ghost when I was a kid! You may have an altogether different view on ghost costumes and for you here are a few of the most scary ghost costumes for Halloween that I could find: Ghost Costumes on
For US Shoppers: Ghost Costumesfrom

Bloody Vampire costumes
Vampire costumes can be pretty scary, especially if there is some blood involved! And don't be fooled as these days vampires are not just for men, there are plenty of pretty scary women's vampire Halloween costumes out there. Here are a few of my favorite vampire fancy dress ideas for you: Vampire Costumes on or for people from the USA: Vampire Costumes on

Right you have seen my scariest costume ideas for Halloween, I would love to get your thoughts or ideas on other scary costumes.

Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Pet Halloween Costumes

I have spoken previously about how it is ok to have a funny Halloween costume, now I am about to approach a topic that for me really pushes out the boundaries of fancy dress: Pet Halloween costumes.

From the research that I have carried out, when we talk about pet costumes, we are generally talking about fancy dress for your dog, I am yet to find anything for your pet iguana or parrot, but you never know! Dog costumes, I think must have originated in the US and now are becoming more and more popular here in the UK and I guess if you are going to take your Fido out for a walk on Halloween it would be kind of cool to have him dressed up in a Halloween costume.

So what pet costumes are there out there and specifically what pet Halloween costumes are there? Here are my favorite ones that I have managed to find:

Dog Halloween Costume: Pirate This excellent Pirate Dog Pet Halloween Costume is only on Amazon in the US you can buy it on here Dog Pirate Halloween Costume

Or if Dracula is your thing for Halloween you could try this costume:Dogula Dog Dracula Costume Small

It seems that in the UK pet Halloween costumes are a little harder to find there are a few for you to take a look at here: Dog Costumes

Here is hoping that you and you pets have the best Halloween ever!

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Fairy Halloween Costume

Fairy Halloween Costume: Tinkerhell
If you think about it traditionally the only woman's and girls Halloween costumes available were scary witch costumes, these days we have a much larger selection of fancy dress ideas to choose from and one of the most interesting for me being Fairy Halloween costumes.

Fairies whilst not scary, have a mischievous, sometimes wicked side to them and so for me make excellent Halloween fancy dress costumes. Fairies originally come from Western European folklore during the medieval times. They and are almost always human in appearance, with wings and have magical powers that include being able to cast spells and to influence or foresee the future.

Tinkerbell is probably the most well known of all fairies, and playing on that and the Halloween theme you can get a Teen Tinkerhell Costume, the adult Halloween costume version is also available (The main image in this blog post is of the Tinkerhell Halloween Costume):

Teen Fairy Halloween Costume; TinkerspellAs well as Tinkerhell there are also Tinkerspell Costumes, Skull Fairy Costumes and Graveyard Fairy Costumes, so you see, as well as dressing up as a witch this Halloween there are also plenty of other choices for girls of all ages. Other famous fairies include the Blue Fairy from Pinocchio and the Tooth Fairy, but I am yet to see any Halloween themed costumes based around either of these two characters, what about this for a fancy dress idea: perhaps you could make Halloween costume based on one of them? with that note, I will cast a spell and disappear from here for today...

For UK Shoppers
Fairy Halloween Costume on

For US Shoppers:
Fairy Halloween Costume on

Happy Halloween!

Saturday, 20 September 2008

Halloween Witch Costume

As far as fancy dress and women's Halloween costumes go, you can't get more traditional than a Witch Halloween costume, sure there are probably more creative Halloween costumes out there, but if your hear is set on dressing up as a scary witch this year, which are the best outfits for you?

Because witch costumes are so popular as a womans and girls Halloween costume there are literally hundreds of them out there, so which one should you get? Here are a few of my top picks this year:

Cheap Halloween costumes: Witches
If you want to look good, but don't want to break the bank, here are a few great witch costumes that cost less than £10 in the UK and $20 in the US:

Cheap Halloween Witch Costume

For US Shoppers
Cheap Halloween Witch Costume on

For UK Shoppers
Cheap Halloween Witch Costume on

Deluxe Halloween costume: Witches
Just want the best Halloween costume? Here are a few Deluxe fancy dress witches that I managed to find out there:

Glinda Deluxe Halloween Witch Costume

For US Shoppers
Adult Sexy Glinda Witch Costume on

For UK Shoppers
Glinda Deluxe Halloween Witch Costume on

Girls Halloween costumes: Girl Witch Costumes
If you are looking for witch costumes for your girls, here are a few I managed to dig up from the web, to give a few fancy dress ideas, also look out for the witch infant Halloween costume, totally brilliant!

Girls Halloween Witch Costume

For US Shoppers
Girls Witch Costumes on

For UK Shoppers
Girls Witch Costumes on

Witches can also make great group Halloween costumes, you could all go as different witches, think of William Shakespeare's Macbeth: hubble, bubble, toil and trouble...! In fact come to think of there are plenty of films where there are more than one witch: Witches of Eastwick, Witches of Oz etc

Anyway here is hoping you have find that scary costume and have a Happy Halloween!

Thursday, 18 September 2008

Pirate Costume for Talk Like a Pirate Day

Pirate Day
Escaping for a minute the build up to fancy dress costumes for Halloween, did you know that September the 19th every year is Talk like a Pirate day, it's origins are far more recent than the like of famous pirates of yesteryear: The International Talk Like A Pirate Day was born in the 1990s, when two Americans, John Baur (Ol' Chum Bucket) and Mark Summers (Cap'n Slappy), be talkin' like pirates all o'a sudden. Because of this they then They decided that, from that day forward every September the 19th would become a day where people could talk like a pirate! Since then this annual event has grown and now it actually has quite a large following which continues to grow.

Video of Cap'n Slappy, Ol' Chumbucket and Chumpail sing an original pirate ditty composed by Slappy himself:

So now would be a perfect time for a fancy dressed party based around the theme of pirates and for you to dress in a pirate costume. Pirates costumes are extremely popular, probably the most popular theme in fancy dress that there as and as such there are literally hundreds of pirate costumes for sale on the web, infant pirate costumes, kids pirate costumes, adult pirate costumes and even pet pirate costumes, they are all available.
Shop for Pirate Costumes on the web:

mens pirate costume for UK shoppers
Pirate Costumes for US shoppers
Pirate Costumes

A few things you may want to know about pirates for your talk like a pirate day:

Did Pirates bury their treasure so nobody else could find it?
Pirates burying their treasure may have happened now and again, but probably not that often as most Pirates didn't expect to live very long basically because of what they did for a living, so having a retirement plan probably was not high on their list of concerns. On top of that do you know of any pirate ship crew that would allow their captain burying the treasure they'd won together?

Did Pirates made their victims walk the plank?
There is actually no evidence that pirates made people walk the plank. Pirates' preferred means of punishment was keel-hauling, which meant tying their victims to a rope and dragging them under the ship. Considering that ships' hulls tended to accumulate debris from the water, this tended to result either in wounds (if the victim was dragged quickly) or drowning (if slowly). Either way this was probably much worse than walking the plank!

Pirate Master Costume

For more information on Talk like a Pirate day check out these sites:

Talk Like A Pirate Day UK Headquarters (
The Official site for International Talk Like A Pirate Day ( )

Tuesday, 16 September 2008

The Sarah Palin Halloween Costume!

Topical Halloween Costumes

By far one of the most popular Halloween customes is to dress up in a scary fancy dress costume, children often go trick-or-treating and adults go to costume parties. Now because it is so popular and because the custom of dressing up on Halloween or more traditionally the eve of All Hallows day goes back to pagan times hundreds of years ago when people believed that to mimic the evil spirits would prevent sickness or the destruction of their crops, most adult Halloween costumes tend to be scary witch and ghost costumes and related themes. For more creative Halloween costumes you have to try a bit harder!

An new idea seems to be to dress up as a dark character from a movie, so a Darth Vader costume from Star wars would be a good example. So to make it more in the now, or topical you could dress up as a character from the new batman film: The Dark Knight, either in a Batman costume or Joker costume, both make great Halloween costumes as both are pretty "dark" characters.

This got me thinking what about politics, thats a pretty dark theme at the moment! Surely these days a Gordon Brown costume would make a pretty good mens Halloween costume! Or if you wanted to be real bad why not a Robert Mugabe Costume! Thats fine for me, but what about some political ideas for womens Halloween costumes?

I guess if you wanted to go retro you could always dress up as the Iron Lady, Margaret Thatcher or for something more now, I found this post (see link below) on The Sarah Palin Halloween Costume, it sure is topical, as for dark, I guess we will all have to wait and see!

Sundries: The Sarah Palin Halloween Costume: "The Sarah Palin Halloween Costume"

Happy Halloween!

Creative Halloween Costumes: Top tips to find the best

One of the hardest things about deciding what Halloween fancy dress costumes to make or even to buy is to come up with unique and creative costume ideas. Inspiration is what you need and with this in mind, here are my top tips on how to come up with the best Halloween costume ideas this year:

1) Take a look at websites that sell fancy dress. I know this sounds obvious, especially if you plan to buy your costume, but if you are looking to make your own Halloween costume and just need some inspiration this can be one of the best place to start. Some of the larger on-line fancy dress retailers have literally thousands of costumes and that means that they also have thousands of ideas for you to take a look at. Another advantage is many of them have their costumes divided into categories, making it easy to come up with the perfect fancy dress theme for your party. Jokers' Masquerade fancy dress have over 10,000 (or so they say) fancy dress costumes and accessories on their site and makes a great place to do some research.

2) Photos are also a great for coming up with inspiration and there are many places on the web that you can browse photos of Halloween fancy dress costumes:

Try Google's image search (, most people know about searching for websites on Google, but did you know that you can also search just for images? The great thing is you can also be pretty specific if the term Halloween costume is too specific, why not try searching for:
Kids Halloween Costumes, Infants Halloween Costumes, scary Halloween Costumes, Funny Halloween Costumes, Witch Halloween costume or Couple Halloween Costumes, anyway i think you get the idea, you can get loads of ideas this way and not only for fancy dress. One word of caution, you may want to keep the Safe search filter on, there are also plenty of pretty nasty photos out there!

Google are a bunch of pretty creative guys themselves, in fact you can take a look at what costumes some of their employees wear for Halloween here:

Official Google Blog: By the pricking of our thumbs...

Flickr ( is also another great place to search for fancy dress ideas: Just type in Halloween Costume into the search box on the homepage and you will get back a bunch of inspiration. What is great about Flickr in comparison to google is pretty much all of the photos will be from normal people, like you and me posting photos of the halloween fancy dress costumes and not fancy dress companies posting pics of their outfits. So many of the photos will be from people who make Halloween costume themselves. My thought being: if they can make their own costume so can you!

So there it is, those are my top tips to help you come up with the most unique, creative Halloween costumes this year!

Happy Halloween.

Friday, 12 September 2008

Plus Size Halloween Costumes

Plus Size Halloween Costumes
Halloween Plus Size Costumes
I have also recently noticed that there are now specific ranges of plus size costumes for women and men, in fact one fancy dress company, Jokers' Masquerade Fancy dress has a whole section named 'Plus Size Fancy Dress.' many of which could easily be used as a Halloween costume.

Women's Halloween Costumes (Plus Size)
For example if you are looking for larger sized women Halloween costumes they have an excellent plus size Adult Elegant Witch Costume, a classic Halloween witch costume as well as a Devil Princess Costume. If you are looking for something more unique you may want to try the Adult Malice in Wonderland Costume!

Mens Halloween costumes (Plus Size)
Men are also well represented this year on the in the plus size costumes for Halloween category, and with a small amount of searching I managed to come up with a whole bunch of fancy dress ideas for you, with everything from Vampire costumes, Grim Reaper Costumes to a plus size Frankenstein Costume!

Devil Plus size Halloween CostumePlus Size Couple Halloween Costumes
Looking to attend that Halloween fancy dress party as a couple? You can easily find matching plus size fancy dress outfits on the web that make great couples costumes. There are heaps of plus size Devil Costumes for both him and her, so how about as a deluxe Halloween costume? He could go as in the Elite Quality Handsome Devil Costume and she in the matching Deluxe Devil's Temptress Costume, one of my fav outfits for Halloween. If you are after couples cheap Halloween costumes, there are also many very reasonably priced outfits out there, which I wont list now as prices are bound to change!

For some more ideas take a look at my previous post on Plus Size Halloween Costume Ideas

Thursday, 11 September 2008

Make Your Own Star Wars Lightsaber

A document that I found with instructions on how to make your own lightsaber for your Star Wars Halloween Costume:

Creating your own Lightsaber

According to the above document, it is not very hard to make a simple good looking Star Wars lightsaber

What do you need?
1. A chrome tube
2. A pipe cutter
3. A PVC Pipe a little thicker than the tube
4. Aluminium plate (very thin)
5. Iron Wire
6. Small Saw
7. Copper PC mainboard Screws
8. Little block of wood or Alu
9. 2 components Expoxy Glue
10. Iron Drill
11. Whatever you can find to customise your lightsaber

Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Homemade Halloween Costume Ideas

A little like Christmas, Halloween seems to come around earlier and earlier every year, this to me is because like Christmas there are many people including fancy dress companies out there that are relying to on Halloween to make money and so compete to get noticed first in the market place.

Halloween Costumes On a Budget
Sometimes I feel that we spend far too much on Halloween costumes and fancy dress in general and so if like me you are looking for fun and unique Halloween costumes on a budget what should you do? A good place to save money is with Kids, have you ever noticed that young children often find the boxes more fun on Christmas day than the presents? Well if you follow this logic, I think it is very easy to have homemade Halloween costumes for Kids and they will be more than satisfied with the result. In fact, if you include them in the process of making the Halloween costume that can increase the fun of Halloween and bring you together as a family.

Homemade kids Halloween costume ideas:
Gypsy Costume: Made simply by layering all of the necklaces you own and layering several skirts or putting scarves on as skirts as well as putting on a bit of make-up, makes excellent girls Halloween costumes.

Ghost Costume: The simplest Halloween costume of all made with a sheet and a pair of scissors or for a toddler Halloween costume of a ghost, use a pillowcase!

Clown costumes: Made from a sweat outfit and loads of make-up and buying a multi coloured wig is fairly inexpensive. Clowns can be made into scary costumes depending on how you use the make-up and always make great childrens Halloween costumes.

Zombie Costumes: Made using a old pair of jeans, a torn T-shirt, jacket and shoes. All you need to get then is a makeup kit and add dark circles, blood and whatever other creepy effects that will complement your face paint kit and hey presto a perfect zombie costume!

Unique Halloween Costume Ideas
Apart from the children, you too can make your own adults Halloween costumes for stuff that you already have laying about the house, these outfits are not only cheaper than buying, but can sometimes make the best Halloween costumes.

Quick Fancy Dress Idea for Halloween:
Dress up as a head on a platter by putting a table cloth on card board and gluing paper picnic settings to it. Then all you need to do is put the costume on around your neck so that just your head is sticking out of the centre. Not only does this take very little work but you will be amazed by the reactions you will get from this unique Halloween costume.

Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Homemade Halloween costumes

Many people rather than buying, make Halloween costume from what they have lying about the house as well using their own skill and creativity. These often make the best Halloween costumes, and are often more unique than what you can buy. For me the hardest part in making your own fancy dress outfit, is to come up with the initial idea. Sure you can always use an old sheet to make a ghost costume, but unless it is the best sheet ever made, it just isn't going to cut the mustard!

I have recently found a bunch of sewing books that have Halloween costume patterns in them. I haven't tried any of them myself, so can't really comment, but if you are interested in sewing and making your own Halloween costume, you may want to give one a try:

Illegally Easy Halloween Costumes for Kids by Leila Peltosaari
Creative Costumes and Halloween Decor: 50 Projects to Craft and Sew

Both of these have Halloween costume patterns and can be found on Amazon. There are also a bunch of other books on Halloween and Halloween fancy dress available on Amazon. Most books seem to be aimed at children's Halloween costumes, I guess they assume that most adults would buy or hire their fancy dress costume?

On the down side to buying a book for homemade Halloween costumes, is that by the time you have bought the book, and the material to make the costume, I am sure that in many cases it would work out cheaper to just buy the costume. So it is probably best to go down the route if the idea of making your own Halloween costume sounds like fun and not because you are looking for cheap fancy dress.

Anyway good luck and here is to a great Halloween!

Monday, 8 September 2008

Funny Halloween costumes

Who says that just because it is Halloween that you have to have a scary costume? Sure Halloween is supposed to be all about ghosts and daemons, but fancy dress is also about fun and there are plenty of fancy dress costumes out there that make perfect funny Halloween costumes.

So here are some of my best funny Halloween fancy dress ideas:

Fat Dracula Costume for HalloweenFat Dracula Costume
What could be more Halloweenish than a vampire and who's the most well known vampire of them all.. Dracula. What is slightly different about this outfit is that.. well he is fat! The Dracular costume includes a tone-coloured padded torso to create a portly chest and belly!

funny halloween costume - FrankensteinMonster Marriage Costume
Another pretty funny Halloween costume is this Frankenstein costume or should that be a Frankenstein bride costume? Anyway, it gives the perception that you are the Frankenstein's bride and that you are being carried on the back of the monster! The body suit hosts your body as the brides body and the Frankenstein monster legs, while there is an inflated body and legs for the brides body and legs!

Halloween fancy dress costume - devil costume

Good Over Evil Costume

For me this has to be one of the best Halloween costumes in the "funny category". Similar to the Frankenstein costume above, except that this time you are an angel that is being carried on the back of a devil. Your real legs provide the legs of the Devil and your body and head is that of the Angel, whilst there is an inflated body and head for the monster. Again a devil costume will probably be a pretty common theme over Halloween, but not many that will actually be funny like this one.

Count Dracula Halloween costumeDown for the Count Costume
When I first saw this costume, I was not sure if I should add it to this post as one of the best funny Halloween costumes as it is kind of scary! But then again if it is your kind of thing, I suppose it can be funny, I would just be careful where and when you wear it! According to the blurb on the box, the fancy dress outfit comes with a fake velvet cape, attached stand-up collar, a white shirt which has an attached red waistcoat, skin-coloured legs with dropped trousers and a removable inflatable 'date' with lingerie!

So there you go a few of my funny Halloween costume ideas which I hope will help you come up with some creative Halloween costumes this year and help you if you want to stay clear of the scary witch and ghost costumes!

Check out my other post on Funny Costumes for more fancy dress ideas

Friday, 5 September 2008

Women's Halloween Costumes

Halloween costumes ideas for women

Traditionally when I think of women's Halloween costumes, just about all that springs to mind is a scary witch costume. Scary fancy dress ideas can be difficult for women. Traditional Men's Halloween costumes are much easier to come up with, you have ghost costumes, devil costumes, skeleton costumes, Dracula and vampire costumes and that is just off the top of my head!

For woman, being scary over Halloween can be difficult, but thankfully that is changing and now if you look there are plenty of really cool fancy dress womans Halloween costumes out there, you just have to search a bit and be a little creative.

The first thing to put into your mind is that not all Halloween fancy dress has to be scary!

womans halloween costume - When birds attackFunny Halloween costumes?
Yes it is possible! There are quite a few funny fancy dress outfits out there that make perfect Halloween costumes for women. An excellent example would be the "The When Birds Attack costume" pictured.Scary, but at the same time funny :-)

Woman's Cheap Halloween costumes?
Again, buying a fancy dress or Halloween costume does not have to be expensive, there are plenty of fancy dress outfits out there that work out as cheap and sometimes cheaper than if you were to hire a fancy dress costume this Halloween. Just take your time in looking for what is right for you.

Dark Queen Of Hearts CostumeUnique Halloween costumes for Women
What about a:
Bloody Nurse costume
Glitter Devil Costume
Widow Maker Costume
Mrs Lovett Sweeney Todd Costume
Dark Queen Of Hearts Costume
Gothic Bride Costume

Sexy Halloween Costumes
As a woman, Halloween does not mean that you have to be scary - there are littery tones of very sexy Halloween costumes out there, just a quick search brought back these ideas:
Sexy Satan CostumeSexy Evil Queen Costume
Dark Sexy Fairy Costume
Ghostbusters Sexy Costume
Sassy Satan Costume
More Sexy Halloween Costumes on

So when it comes to Halloween costumes ideas for women, there is plenty out there, including deluxe Halloween costumes, plus size Halloween costumes as well as couple Halloween costumes, suitable for both you and your partner. Just take your time in looking for your perfect outfit.

Happy Halloween!

Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Halloween Kids Costumes

Halloween Kids Costumes
If we get right down to it, Halloween and Halloween fancy dress is really about children.

One of the biggest traditions to do with Halloween is Trick-or-treating, where Children's Halloween costumes come into their own, but do you know where Trick-or-treating comes from?

Trick-or-treating actually goes all the way back to the middle ages when it was known as 'souling' During this time poor people and not only children would walk from door to door and effectively beg for food. This mostly occurred on the 1st of November, which is the eve of All Hallows day known as All-hallow-even (where the name Halloween comes from) and in exchange for prayers for the dead, they would receive food! The idea of wearing Halloween costumes or fancy dress for this is probably down to some of these people being ashamed of begging an so they would wear masks.

Children's Halloween costumes have come along way in recent years, gone are the days when all you could find for girls were scary witch costumes and boys Halloween costumes would consist of skeleton or ghost costumes. There is now a vast range of scary costumes as well as funny Halloween costumes exclusively for children.

Homemade Halloween Costumes
This of course can also mean that Halloween can become almost as expensive as Christmas time, unless you can find some cheap Halloween costumes, or if you can find some Halloween costume patterns and make your own. Personally I am rubbish at sewing and I do think that you can find some really creative Halloween costumes for Kids for sale on the web, you just need to do a little searching.

Also check out another post of mine on Top 10 Childrens Halloween Costumes 2008

Boys Halloween CostumeKids Halloween costumes ideas

Girls Halloween Costumes:
Witch Costumes
Vampiress Costumes (Girl Vampires!)
Child Corpse Bride Costumes
Bat Costumes
Lady Devil Costumes
Gothic Princess Costumes
Midnight Spirit Costume (pictured)

Boys Halloween Costume Ideas:
Evil Pirate Costume
Zombie Costume
Skeleton Costume
Ghost Costumes
Evil Clown Costumes
Evil Jester Costume
Vampire Costumes

Check out more Childrens Halloween Costumes on

Monday, 1 September 2008

Fancy Dress Disney Costumes

Disney Minnie Mouse Costume
I am not sure what it is, perhaps just clever marketing from Walt Disney, but even though many Disney characters are pretty old fashioned, especially from the classic Disney films the fancy dress Disney costumes like Mickey and Minnie mouse costumes, Peter Pan costumes and Tinkerbell costumes and Snow White Costumes continue to be some of the most popular fancy dress themes for adults.

Perhaps it is because most of us have fond memories of these characters as children and therefore dressing up in a classic Disney character is always going to be fun. I don't have children, so do not know if kids these days are watching the old Disney films, but my feeling would be the next generation of adults dressing up in fancy dress Disney costumes will be all about Toy story costumes, with Woodie Costumes and Buzz Lightyear Costumes, then there could be great Lion King costumes like a Pumba costume and don't forget a Mr Incredible Costume. I have seen plenty of children dressing up in these new age Disney fancy dress outfits, but as yet not as many adults. You can find adult Buzz Lightyear costumes on the web as well as adult Woody and Mr. Incredible costumes so there is no reason why you cannot dress up in your fav Cinderella costumes for your next Disney theme fancy dress party!

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