Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Child Cinderella Costumes & Outfits

Child Cinderella Costume (Prestige)
Cinderella costumes for children

World book day 2010 is coming and parents are scrambling everywhere to find the best costume for their children. While some may wander out of the box with left field costume ideas, some might want to go with some classics, like Cinderella. Judging by the amount of outfits we sell, girls Cinderella costumes are very popular and are bound to be a favourite theme for World Book Day.

Disney Cinderella costumes
Many retailers offer different types of Cinderella costumes. They greatly vary in price and detail. Disney Princess Cinderella costumes come in two categories: deluxe and prestige.

The deluxe Cinderella Outfit is the more affordable of the two and consists of a light blue silky dress with a velvet-like bodice. It’s made of polyester, so make sure your kids are tolerant to it. The nice puffy nylon sleeves are complimented by a nice silver scroll print.

The Prestige version is a bit more expensive but is well worth the cost. This version is sleeveless with a metallic inset that goes from the top to the bottom of the dress in a grid pattern. Images from the movie are printed on the skirt’s nylon overlay.

But a true Cinderella costume wouldn’t be complete without the shoes. There are two types of Cinderella slippers: deluxe and regular. The deluxe slippers are transparent and the insole is covered with a nice silver colored coating. The regular Cinderella shoes are clear blue but don’t have the silver coated insoles. Both feature a cameo of Cinderella on the top of the strap but the deluxe version is surrounded by rhinestones and white beads.

You can’t go wrong with an official Cinderella costume. But if you decide to go for a generic Cinderella type costume, make sure you see the merchandise with your own eyes before making a purchase. Some online retailers sell cheap versions to unsuspecting buyers, so make sure you know exactly what you’re buying so your children can have their Cinderella costume for World Book Day…

Where to Buy Girls Cinderella Costumes:

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Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Adult Cinderella Costumes & Outfits

Adult Cinderella Costume
The many faces of Cinderella: which one will you be?

Since the Disney classic Cinderella was released in 1950, girls and grown women everywhere became enamored with the rags to riches story of Cinderella and her evil stepmother. Women's Cinderella costumes are amongst the most popular choices for Halloween or World Book Days. Let me give you a couple of different Cinderella outfits to help you stand out from the crowd.

Classic Disney Cinderella Outfits
First, you have your traditional Cinderella costumes. Disney releases their official versions and they’re the closest you can get to being Cinderella herself. There are children and adult Cinderella costumes and they’re available in a variety of sizes. I suggest you stick with the original versions if you want your costume to be as realistic as possible. They consist of Cinderella’s classic fancy dress complete with a nice headband and gloves. You can also buy different accessories such as a tiara and magic wand to add a personal touch to the costume.

sexy cinderella costume
Sexy Cinderella Costumes
If you’re more on the naughty side, there is a wide selection of sexy Cinderella costumes on the market. None of them were officially released by Disney of course, but most of them are still great quality variations of the original costume.

Sinderella costumes
If you want to take it up another notch, you can go for a Sinderella costume complete with fishnets and heavy make up. Sinderella and the golden brawas released in 1964 and was a sexy spin on the Disney classic. Instead of blessing Cinderella with a pair of glass shoes, her inebriated fairy godfather gives her a golden bra that she of course looses when she has to retreat in haste before midnight.

Where to buy Cinderella Costumes
Cinderella costumes will probably remain popular as long as Halloween exists. There are so many different types that I won’t have the time to showcase in this article, so don’t be afraid to explore the many options available and see which one suits your needs and personality the best.

Amazon have a huge range of Cinderella fancy dress and outfits for both adults and children:

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Sunday, 17 January 2010

2 World Book Day Costume Ideas

So your kids are getting ready for the 2010 World Book Day that will be going down on March 4th 2010 but still don’t know what outfit to pick? Well, let me facilitate your search for the perfect costume with these three original World Book Day ideas.

kids aragorn costume (lord of the rings)Lord of the rings costume

Peter Jackson’s adaption of Tolkien’s mythical Lord of the Rings saga was a masterpiece and there are so many costume ideas and outfits that you can draw from the movie. I mean, the possibilities are endless! You can pick up a fancy dress and change your girls into ladies of the Galadrhim. Why not dress your kids in little hobbits, or elves -  there are plenty of hobbit and elf costumes available.

How about the ever popular Gollum? He has to be one of the most adored villains in the history of literature! Could you imagine the reaction of the crowd when they see a miniature Gollum enter the room? And most children just love to do Gollum impersonations, so that would make the Gollum costume even more realistic…

More Lord of the rings costume ideals include:
  • Legolas Costume
  • Aragorn Costume
  • Queen Arwen Costume
  • Ringwraith Costume
Buy Lord Of the Rings Costumes:
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James Bond Jr Costume

Let your children live the exiting life of a secret agent for a day. James Bond costumes are fairly simple and inexpensive. You can accessorize your children with little walkie-talkies and give them missions throughout the day. Kids love role playing, so tell them that they will be Bond, (insert first name there) Bond for the day. Tell them they have to save the world from a manic dictator or something and let their imagination sail free. Adorn them with thick sunglasses and mock ear plug radios and give them code words for when its time to go. If you have daughters, you can dress them up as little bond girls with a fancy dress and faux pearl necklace. I’m sure that will give them a World Book Day they’ll never forget…

Where to buy James Bond Costumes
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There are so many types of World Book Day costumes out there to choose from, but these two will be sure to impress your kids and World Book Day attendees. So enjoy the day with your family and why not get a Gandalf or Q costume for yourself and join the fun?

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