Thursday, 2 July 2009

Harry Potter Wands

Harry Potter Wand
I thought that with Harry Potter mania sweeping the nation just before the release of the new Half-Blood Prince movie, I would take the time to write about some of the accessories to go with your Harry Potter Fancy Dress costume.

Harry Potter Wands
Probably the most important accessory of all if you are a wizard is the wand. In most wizard stories, it is the wand that chooses its wizard, due to the unique character of each wand, which must match that of the wizard. When trying out different wands, an aspiring wizard may cause some damage when he encounters wands that don't get along with him!

I am not sure if any will choose your little wizard, so you may have to do it for them!

There are a bunch of wands available and on Amazon I counted over 20 different types and so this is a great place to start:

Shoppers in the UK
Harry Potter Wand on

Shoppers in the USA
Harry Potter Wands on

New Harry Potter Fancy Dress Costumes

Harry Potter Fancy Dress Costume
As most of you will know, Harry Potter is far more just about the J. K. Rowling books and films, there is a massive array of merchandise: Harry Potter Games, Harry Potter Pictures, Harry Potter calendar, Harry Potter figures, Harry Potter quizzes, Harry Potter toys... you name it, if man can make it, there will be a version of it with with this little wizard on it.

So what about Harry Potter Halloween Costumes and Fancy Dress? Plenty of that too, I wrote a blog post a while back on Harry Potter costumes, but with the release of the new Half-Blood Prince film, I thought it may be an idea to update things a little and see if there are any new Harry Potter fancy dress costumes available.

The good news (for parents) is that unlike football merchandise, and Superhero costumes, Harry Potters outfit does not really change every time a new book or movie comes out. As far as I can tell the Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Costume will be the same as his others, this is great news if you already have one.

So if you or your child already has one, but you still want to get something to add to the costume, you are spoilt for choice, below are some ideas:

Harry Potter Costume Accessories:
  • Harry Potter Wands
  • Harry Potter Broom
  • Harry Potter Glasses
  • Harry Potter Tie
  • Hogwarts Banner
  • Harry Potter Scarf
If you don't already have the Harry Potter fancy dress costume, probably the best is the Premium officially licensed Harry Potter Gryffindor Robe Child Costume (picture in this post)

This premium deluxe hooded robe is made of luxurious black velvet and lined in burgundy satin with a front clasp and the Gryffindor Crest on the front. Perfect for Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley, and any of their other members of the Gryffindor House at Hogwarts! It is available in child sizes: Small (4-6), Medium (8-10), and Large (12-14) and only includes the robe, you will have to buy the glasses, Wand, Scar Kit and School Tie separately.

Shoppers in the UK
Harry Potter Costumes on

Shoppers in the USA
Harry Potter Costumes on

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Transformers Costumes

Transformers Costume

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen
The new Transformers release date for the film is Friday 26th June 2009. The movie is also sometimes called Transformers 2 and is one that both big and small kids have been looking forward to.

Transformers Fancy Dress Costumes
As with all big films these days, there is always a bunch of official merchendise to go with it and Transformers is no exception. With everything from Transformers coloring books, Transformers games, Transformers toys, transformers masks, helmets and of course Transformers Costumes. The two main costumes available are for the two main characters: Bumblebee and Optimus Prime. These are available in both childrens as well as a few adult transformers costumes available.

Transformers Optimus Prime Costumes
Optimus prime is a great role model as is in the story of Transformers, he is the leader of the Autobots (The heroic Transformers). Optimus Prime and the other Autobots come from the planet Cybertron where they are constantly pitting themselves against Decepticons (The Bad Transformers) for peace in the universe. One of his famous quotes is "Autobots, transform and roll out!"

The fancy dress costumes (main image) are available in both adult and childrens sizes. The officially licensed Transformers Optimus Prime Deluxe Adult costume comes with a character jumpsuit, mask and sculpted chest piece. The adult vesion is available in one size only, but should fit most adults (42-46)

Childs Optimus Prime CostumeThe Childs Optimus Prime Costumes are available in two styles, the Animated version as well as the movie version:

The Optimus Prime deluxe costume comes with a red, blue and gray jumpsuit, chest piece, toy arm weapon and face mask.

Transformers Animated Optimus Prime Deluxe Child costumeThe Transformers Animated Optimus Prime Deluxe Child costume consists of a jumpsuit with attached foam chest and upper arms, two foam arm cuffs and a Optimus Prime mask.

Transformers Bumblebee Costumes
In the Transformers univese, Bumblebee is the "little brother" of the heroic Autobots, he is always trying to prove himself to the taller, stronger robots, especially his leader, Optimus Prime.

Like the Optimus Prime Costumes, the Bumblebee costumes are available in both adult and childrens sizes, in both the classic movie styles as well as the animated versions. The best costume is the Bumblebee Movie 3-D Deluxe Costume that has a black, gray and yellow jumpsuit with 3-D armor that looks like real robot parts as well as a robot mask that matches the costume and completes the look of an autobot. It is available in child sizes: Small, Medium and Large.

Where to buy Transformers Costumes:

Shoppers in the UK
Transformers Costumes on

Shoppes in the USA
Transformers Costumes on

For those of you in the US, you can take a look at the Halloween 4 Costumes page on Transformers Costumes >>

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Transformers vs Harry Potter Costumes

Forget Alien vs Predator, the real battle this summer is Transformers vs Harry Potter.

Unless you have been living on a dark planet somewhere on another galaxy, I am sure that you are aware that both the new Harry Potter and Transformer films are soon to be released. What is exciting for me is both these movies offer an exciting opportunity for fancy dress with plenty of Transformers Costumes and of course Harry Potter Costumes available.

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen
Also sometimes also called Transformers 2, The Transformers release date here in the UK is Friday 26th June 2009.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
This new Harry Potter (Harry Potter 6) film is due for release on the 17th of July 2009.

So like my previous posts of Battle of the Movie Costumes and the Sequel, Battle of the Movie Costumes 2, I have decided to pit the genius that is Harry Potter against those crazy robot car, helecopter, plane things to see who is more popular at the moment:

Google Insights: Harry Potter vs Transformers
Once again I have used Google Insights to see which film is being searched for more often (click image to resize):

And as you can see over the last three months, Harry Potter overall has been more popular, but just over the last few days, the Transformers have been fighting back hard, with both films gaining in popularity.

Harry Potter Costumes
I have already written an article on Harry Potter Fancy Dress Costumes that has links to where you can buy them both here and in the UK, which you can find here: Harry Potter Costumes >>

Transformers Costumes
With Transformers Fancy Dress, the most popular costumes are Bumble Bee and Optimus Prime costumes. Easily found in childrens sizes, but I have also seen an adult Optimus Prime costume. Read more about Transformers Costumes here.

Shoppers in the UK
Transformers Costumes on

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Transformers Costumes on

Friday, 5 June 2009

Scooby Doo Costumes

Scooby Doo Costume
For those of you who have been living on Mars since 1969, Scooby Doo is an animated cartoon staring Scoobert "Scooby" Doo who is a great dane.

Scooby Doo Characters
Scooby Doo is not the only character in the film, he is only part of the Mystery Inc. team that consists of Fred "Freddie" Jones, Daphne Blake, Velma Dinkley and Norville "Shaggy" Rogers.

Scooby Doo Costumes
Not only can you get Scooby Doo fancy dress costumes of Scooby himself, but also some excellent outfits for all of the Scooby Doo Characters, but lets start off with the main character:

Scooby Costumes are available in both adult and children's sizes:

Adult Scooby Doo Costume
This one size costume consists of a one piece fleece jumpsuit with attached headpiece and comes with the 'SD' dog tag.

As mentioned, the costume comes in one size and will fit a chest size 40" to 46", Waist size 32" to 38", Inside Leg to 32" and an ideal Height 5'10"

See links below on where you can buy the costume:

Kids Scooby Doo costumes
The Childrens Scooby Doo costumes are available in a number of different sizes, including Toddlers, small child Scooby costumes for ages between 3 and 4 years, a medium size to fit children aged 5 to 7 years and then a larger one for older kids.

UK Shoppers
Scooby Costumes on

US Shoppers
Scooby Costumes on

More info on Scooby Doo Costumes as well as more places to buy Halloween costumes for all the Scooby Doo Characters in the USA can be found on Halloween4Costumes, check it out as it is an excellent resource on everything Scooby, with not only costumes, but the Scooby Doo soundtrack, Scooby Doo T-shirts and much more.

Thursday, 30 April 2009

Star Trek Costumes

Star Trek Costumes

With the new Star Trek film id due for release on the 8th of May, to be followed by a TV series, I thought now would be a good time to take a look at what Star Trek Costumes are available as well as delve a little into what the film is going to be about.

Star Trek Film
The film will chronicle of the early days of James T. Kirk and his fellow USS Enterprise crew members. There is a new cast of fresh faced actors including Hot Fuzz's Simon Pegg taking up the role of Enterprise engineer Scotty, the revamped outer space odyssey is already generating huge buzz among film fans. Star Trek, directed by JJ Abrams (Cloverfield and Lost), is certified 12A and runs for 127 minutes.

The New Star Trek Costume from the Movie
The only place that I so far have found that sell the new Star Trek uniform is in the USA - They can however ship to the UK and they say you will receive your order within 2 to 4 days which is really good. The have the full range of mens Star Trek uniforms - just no female ones yet! (click on the banner below to take you to their shop)

Star Trek Costumes
New Star Trek Costumes

Other Star Trek Costumes
As for the other uniforms, have pretty much the entire range, including all colours of the Next Generation Uniforms for the retro look, Star Trek Voyager costumes as well as the Deep Space Nine Costumes including a Deep Space Nine Commander Sisko costume and a Dr. Bashir Star Trek Costume.

Star Trek Costumes on

If you are looking for more information on then check out this comprehensive guide to the Star Trek Costume and Uniforms

Battle of the Movie Costumes 2

Back in February, I wrote an article called Battle of the Movie Costumes, where we took a look at the popularity of films about to be released, using Google Insights and is based on the amount of people searching on the web for each film. I thought that with a few of the films having been released and a few about to be released, it would be interesting to compare them again and see if there have been any changes. In this way if you want to wear a fancy dress costume that has a current movie theme, you will know which is the most popular.

Films recently released that you can find fancy dress costumes for:
And then a few about to be released:
Google Insights - The Most Popular films of 2009
Once again I used Google Insights to compare the search terms from February until today:

Google Insights Movie Graph

What is interesting is back in February, Street Fighter and Star Trek were neck and neck as to which was the most popular, with Street Fighter just edging it.

Street Fighter
Now we can see that there was a huge spike in the number of searches for Street Fighter, just before and then just as it was released on February the 27th and even though it was released over 2 months ago it is still more popular than the Pink Panther ever was - So a Street fighter costume is definitely cool.

Wolverine & the X-Men
This film is due for release tomorrow (May 1st) and whilst there was a spike in interest in early April and the number of searches continues to increase the closer we get to the release, it is never going to match Street Fighter. So a Wolverine Costume is still cool, just not Super Cool.

Star Trek
Next in line, just behind the Wolverine is Star Trek, it still has a few days before it's release and whist it is popular, It again is never going to reach the heights of Street Fighter. Check out the Star Trek Costumes on

Thursday, 23 April 2009

Marvel Comics Superhero Costumes

Marvel Superhero Costumes

They're fast, strong and have groovy superpowers... superheroes you just have to love them and some of the very best have to be Marvel Superheroes. There is a huge range of fully licensed Marvel heroes fancy dress costumes available. With characters like The Hulk, Spiderman, Captain America and Iron Man.

Incredible Hulk Costumes
The Incredible hulk costumes are based on the story of Bruce Banner who gets caught in a gamma bomb blast, absorbing massive amounts of radiation making him transform into the Hulk every time he gets angry.

Iron Man Costumes
There are also officially licensed Marvel Iron Man Costumes available. This superhero costume is made up of a one-piece fancy dress jumpsuit, realistic looking foam padded chest, abdomen, deltoid, bicep and triceps muscles. The Iron Man is usually found as part of the Avengers and possesses powered armor that gives him superhuman strength and durability, flight, and an array of weapons.

Pimp my Iron Man Costume

Other Superhero Costumes
Then there are the old favorites of Batman, Robin and Catwoman who tend to have a love/hate relationship. Catwoman spent her early years helping out Batman fighting crime, but returns to her life of crime and becomes a true Batman villain. The Catwoman fancy dress costumes have evolved over the years, in fact Catwoman wore no costume or disguise at all in her first appearance. The current Catwoman costume on has a much more hi-tech look and includes a mask, jumpsuit, belt and boot tops. Unlike the Catwoman costume, Batman costumes have, apart from some details, remained consistent over the years.

Did you know that the image of a bat on the Batman fancy dress costume is there to frighten criminals... woo scary stuff!

UK Shoppers:
Superhero Costumes on

US Shoppers:
Superhero Costumes on

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

X-men Origins Wolverine Costume

With the new X-Men Origins: Wolverine film due to be released on the 1st of May, it makes for an excellent opportunity, if you are going to a fancy dress party, to dress up in a Wolverine Costume.

Giant-Size X-Men #1The Wolverine Costume
What is interesting is that the costume for the Wolverine has changed over the years and sometimes more often than a contestant on "America's Next Top Model". So what costume should you wear if you want to be the Wolverine?

I think the most iconic look, and the costume that most people think of, when they think of Logan (Wolverine), is the blue and gold costume. It is also the the Halloween costume that is most often sold by fancy dress companies. This Wolverine costume has a long history as it made it's first appearance way back in 1975, in the Marvel Comic Book Giant-Size X-Men #1. Logan was to wear this costume again for a long period during the 1990's and that is why I think this is the costume that most people think of, when they think of the Wolverine.

Other costumes over the years have included a brown and tan costume, a biker look with plenty of black leather, and in X-Force Logan wore a blue red and gold costume.

Where to buy the Wolverine Costume:
Shoppers in the USA:
Wolverine Costumes on

Shoppers in the UK:
Wolverine Costumes on

Check out my previous post: The Wolverine costume, for the X-Men Origins: Wolverine Trailer and if you want to learn a little more about The Wolverine character.

If you are in the USA, you may wish to check out this page on the X-Men Origins Wolverine Costume

Monday, 16 February 2009

Tinkerbell Costumes for World Book Day

child tinkerbell costumeAbout Tinkerbell
Tinkerbell comes from the Peter Pan book written by J.M. Barrie. In the story, In the stories, Tinkerbell is generally kind to Peter Pan, but she also has a slightly wicked side to her and can be a mean and vindictive fairy. In some ways Tinkerbell has almost a split personality, this is said to be because of Tinkerbell's small size which prevents her from holding more than one feeling at a time.

World Book Day costume ideas: Tinkerbell Costume
I think that a Tinkerbell makes an excellent fancy dress idea, especially as a costume idea for world book day for girls. The story of Peter pan is well known. Most children only know about Peter Pan and Tinkerbell because of the Disney film, but if by dressing up, you can also get them interested in the book, then so much the better.

Tinkerbell Costumes
Of all the fairy costumes, Tinkerbell costumes are the most popular, most Tinkerbell costumes for children are green in colour and she has wings and often a wand as well. Most Tinkerbell costumes will come with the fairy wings, but as with the way many fancy dress costumes are sold these days, you may find that you will have to buy the wand separately.

UK Shoppers
Tinkerbell Costumes on

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Thursday, 12 February 2009

Zorro Costumes

child zorro costumeThe Zorro Fancy Dress Costume
Zorro is usually depicted in films and books wearing a black costume with a flowing Spanish cape and wearing a flat-brimmed Andalusian style hat. Zorro also wears a black face mask that covers the top of the head from eye level upwards.

For authenticity, you should use a rapier as the correct style of "sword" Zorro uses this to slash his famous "Z" as his mark. Most Zorro costumes come with the Zorro sword, or you can purchase it as a separate accessories. Zorro has also been known to use a bull-whip and some costumes come with one included. If you cannot find one being sold with the Zorro costume, you could check the accessories for Indiana Jones as their whips are similar.

Child Zorro Costumes - World Book Day Costume Idea
The Children's Zorro costume available is almost miniature replica's of the adult costume and for me makes an excellent fancy dress idea for World Book Day as not only has Zorro been featured in many books, but the costume is undeniably cool, which you know as well I do, is extremely important at school!

Why a Child Zorro Costume makes a perfect World Book Day Costume

Did you know that Zorro who was often called SeƱor or El Zorro in the original stories about him was first created in 1919 where he appeared in the serialized story of "The Curse of Capistrano" written by Johnston McCulley. The original story "The Curse of Capistrano" was reprinted by Tor books in 1998 under the title "The Mark of Zorro". ISBN 978-0-8125-4007-9 (see below for links to the books, DVD's and costumes)

adult zorro costume

Adult Zorro Costume

Of all the Zorro costumes, I think the official deluxe version is the best. The Zorro outfit comes with a one-piece black jumpsuit complete with a padded muscle torso, chest, bicep, triceps and deltoid muscles, that makes you look like you have spent the past decade in the gym! The costume comes with attached black knee-high vinyl boot covers that makes it look like you are wearing Zorro's boots. This costume also comes with the long black cape, Zorro's black Andalusian style hat has a 3D raised golden trim and Zorro logo. Finishing touches include a belt with printed decoration and Zorro logo and the Zorro face-mask.

To complete the look you will probably have to buy the Zorro sword and whip separately.

Other Zorro Fancy Dress Costumes
Other than the child and adult Zorro costumes, there are also infant Zorro costumes, Pet / Dog Zorro costumes and women's Zorro costumes (La Bandida) costumes available.

Where to Buy Zorro Costumes
To buy the adult, child, women's, infant and pet Zorro costumes, I would suggest the websites below:

UK Shoppers:
Zorro Costumes on

The Mark of Zorro on

Amazon have the adult men's and woman's Zorro costumes as well as the child and infant outfits. There are also the accessories like the masks and swords. As well as the books and DVD's!

US Shoppers:
Zorro Halloween Costumes on

The Mark of Zorro on

Like the UK site, have every Zorro costume that you could ever want including all the available accessories for sale.

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Battle of the Movie Costumes

Pink Panther vs. Street Fighter vs. Wolverine vs. Star Trek

In the next few months there are a few films due to be released that make perfect fancy dress costume themes:

So if you are going to or planning a costume party in the next few months and would like to dress in a topical costume, that has a film theme, which one should you choose?

Most Popular Film Search on Google
According to Google Insights for Search, over the past 30 days, slightly more people are searching for Street Fighter than Star Trek. If you combine the searches for Wolverine and X-men, it shows that this film is pretty popular in as far as web searches, with the Pink Panther lagging a little behind.

I am not sure if the amount of people searching for the films on the web will have any bearing on the box office, or how popular the respective fancy dress costumes will ultimately be, but if you want to wear a popular film costume now, I'd go for either the Star Trek Costume, Street Fighter Costume or the Wolverine Costume. But if you are after pure comic value perhaps either the Pink Panther Costume or Inspector Jacques Clouseau costumes would be the way to go.

Children's Book Week & The World Book Day

world book day logoIt seems as if there is some confusion as a few people have asked me if the Children's Book Week, is the same event as The World Book day. I have done a little research and as far as I can tell they are different events:

Children's Book Week
In 2008 the 77th Children's Book week was held in October which focuses on reading for pleasure amongst children of primary school age and is one of many campaigns aimed at getting children to read organised by the BookTrust. The Booktrust is an independent national charity dedicated to encouraging people of all ages and cultures to engage with books and the written word. As far as I can tell there is no link with fancy dress costumes and Children's Book Week.

World Book Day
World Book Day traditionally took place on 23 April (Shakespeare's birthday and St George's Day). In the UK this date clashed with the Easer Holidays and so to allow schools to take part, this was changed to the first Thursday in March. Many schools organise fancy dress days where the children can dress in a costume representing their favourite book character, so outfits like Harry Potter costumes, Peter Pan costumes, Wizard Of Oz Costumes, Alice in Wonderland Costumes and Snow White Costumes are popular.

For more, check out: World Book Day Costumes & Ideas 2009.

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

World Book Day: Peter Pan Costumes

peter pan costumeAs an idea for a world Book Day costume theme, I think that any Peter Pan costume would make an excellent choice. The magical story of Peter Pan, written by J. M. Barrie, tells of a naughty boy who refuses to grow up and his adventures on an island called Neverland is a classic and one that every child should know.

The Peter Pan Costume & Look
What is interesting is the way that most of the Peter Pan costumes all look pretty similar to each other, even though the author never really described Peter's appearance in much detail. It was probably his intention to allow the reader to use their imagination.

Most of the Peter Pan costumes available on the web are green and consist of a fleece like shirt and darker green trousers. Most costumes also come with the hat and feather to complete the look.

Apart form the actual Peter Pan costume, you could also wear a Captain Hook costume, especially if you would rather dress in a pirate costume. Or as a girl, a Tinkerbell costume would also really work.

UK Shoppers
Peter Pan Costumes on Amazon have a good selection of Peter Pan costumes, including Captain Hook and Tinkerbell costumes and so are worth checking out.

Peter Pan at Jokers' Masquerade - also have an excellent selection of Peter Pan Costumes, as well as Captain Hook & Tinkerbell for both children and adults.

US Shoppers
Peter Pan Costumes on - Like the UK, have all the Peter Pan themed costumes for adults as well as children that you could ever hope for.

Check out this post for more World Book Day Costume Ideas.

Monday, 9 February 2009

Sexy Leg Avenue Costumes for Valentines Day

Of all the manufacturers of sexy fancy dress costumes, Leg Avenue are not only the most well know, but probably the best. They have a huge range of sexy costumes that are just perfect for valentines day.

The Popularity of Leg Avenue Costumes
Back in October 2008, I wrote about the most popular searches on Google related to fancy dress, and the fastest rising search at the time was "leg avenue" indicating the ever increasing popularity of this small company operating out of LA in the USA. Leg Avenue started out in the hosiery to lingerie business, but quickly expanded into other areas including Halloween costumes and they now sell sexy woman's costumes as well as lingerie, shoes and swimwear.

Their designs mix fashion with fantasy, Leg Avenue Costumes are sexy and fun and as they say themselves: "Whether it’s feeling glamorous and sultry in our lingerie or fulfilling a fantasy in one of our costumes, our goal is to make each woman that wears Leg Avenue feel confident and sexy.", "No one does sexy costumes better than Leg Avenue."

Britney Spears wearing a Leg Avenue Pirate Costume
Because of the high quality of their costumes, many celebs have worn Leg Avenue outfits, including
Alyssa Milano, who dressed in their fairy costume, Stacy Keibler who dressed in the Leg Avenue Rag Doll Costume and Vanessa Minnillo who wore the Capt’n Booty sexy pirate costume. A major coup for Leg Avenue was when Britney Spears was photographed wearing their sexy Pinky Pirate costume. (See Photo Below)

Britney Spears in a Sexy Pirate Costume

Sexy Costumes For Valentines
So if you are looking for quality sexy costume here are few of the many Leg Avenue costumes available, that I have found for sale on the web:

sexy maid costumeSexy French Maid Costume
I guess one of the classic sexy costumes is a French maid outfit, Leg Avenue have 7 different French maid costumes in their catalogue, from the simple French Maid Garter Ruffle Bustiea costume, to the deluxe quality 5 piece French Maid costume that includes Underwire Bra, Puff Sleeves, Aprn Skirt, Stocking & Duster.

sexy nurse costumeSexy Nurse Costumes
For those of you that may be feeling a little under the weather on Valentines day, Leg Avenue have a whole host of quality naughty nurse costumes. One of my favourites is the deluxe 3 piece nurses costume that has a high neck top with stud popper fasteners to front, skirt with attached lace pinifore and headpiece. Both headpiece and top include embroidered badge and the skirt has an elasticated waist. Top and skirt includes spandex for a more 'stretchy' fit.

Shoppers in the UK:
Leg Avenue Costumes for Sale

Shoppers in the USA:
Leg Avenue Costumes for Sale

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