Monday, 24 September 2012

Halloween Cat Costumes

Halloween Costumes 2012 
Why not get the purrfect look and disguise yourself as a cat?

 Making a Black Cat Costume
If you're going to wear a cat costume for Halloween, I definitely recommend a black cat costume. Not only will this look more scary, but bits and pieces of sewing or stapling won't show up on black as blatantly as they would on other colours.

What you will need for a black cat costume? 

  • Black leotards 
  • Black Tee Shirt or long-sleeved black shirt 
  • A length of black felt about 4 feet long and three inches wide for the tail 
  • Cotton wool and a packet of pipe cleaners for tail stuffing. Lay them along the length of felt, fold over and sew into a long tail 
  • Four pieces of black felt to make two triangular cat ears - cut these pieces out and put some stiff cardboard (also cut into a triangular shape) between two layers of felt 
  • A pair of black pantyhose for a stretchy headband. Sew the ears onto the 'headband'. 
  • False fingernails - paint them black 
  • Eyebrow pencil to draw whiskers
Cat Costume Makeup
Get the cat eye look with the thick black winged out eye liner on your eye.
For the lips go cute and pink. On the cheeks start with applying a bronzer only to the apple of the cheeks and you can really layer it on. Next, take a brown eyeliner and draw on some little freckles. Then take a black eyeliner and draw on whiskers and a nose. The most important part is to use a waterproof and smudge proof black eyeliner for the whiskers and nose. Thanks to

Buying a Halloween Cat Costume


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