Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Moulin Rouge Costumes

Moulin Rouge Costume
If you are after a sexy costume or you have a "dance" fancy dress theme party, here are a few fancy dress ideas: Moulin Rouge Costumes and Burlesque costumes!

The Red Windmill or Moulin Rouge is the most famous venue for the can-can dance and it therefore goes without saying that the Moulin Rouge costume obviously comes in the same style as the burlesque and can can costume.

Several films and books have been written about, or had the title Moulin Rouge but before the release of the 2001 film Moulin Rouge! which stared Ewan McGregor and Nicole Kidman most people who were looking for Burlesque costumes would have either typed in Burlesque costume or can can costume into Google, but because of the success of the film the Moulin Rouge costume has become a name for a fancy dress costume in it's own right. Almost like people who want a fizzy soft drink just say they want a Coke even though they are often after a different band. It is also since the release of the film, that the popularity of Moulin Rouge fancy dress has skyrocketed and it is now possible to find a huge variety these fancy dress costumes from fancy dress hire shops to fancy dress shops online.

The actual Moulin Rouge in Paris was built in 1889 and as the name suggests has a red windmill on the roof of the building and the can-can dance is still performed there to this day. Initially the Moulin Rouge was seen as a brothel, but as the dance has become more respected that reputation has been lost and it is now a famous tourist spot in Paris.

Where to find Moulin Rouge Costumes

US Shoppers
Moulin Rouge Costumes on Amazon.com
Can Can Costumes on Amazon.com
Burlesque Costumes on Amazon.com

UK Shoppers
Moulin Rouge Costumes on Amazon.co.uk
Can Can Costumes on Amazon.co.uk
Burlesque Costumes on Amazon.co.uk

To search for the style of Moulin Rouge fancy dress costumes on the web you should not only look for Moulin Rouge costumes, but also try searches for can-can costumes, saloon girl costumes and burlesque costumes as different fancy dress shops use different terms and this way you should be able to find the largest range possible. Jokers' Masquerade fancy dress probably have the largest selection of Moulin Rouge costumes in the UK. Again it is important to remember to search for all the different names that come under Moulin Rouge fancy dress that I listed above above as there are many saloon girl costumes on Jokers' Masquerade that are perfectly acceptable as a Moulin Rouge costume.

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