Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Halloween Costumes and Halloween Fancy Dress

It is no secret that Halloween is the biggest time for fancy dress companies, Halloween costumes have changed a huge amount in recent years driven by the increasing demand of people wanting something different than everyone else for their Halloween fancy dress costume. Sure you can still buy the traditional scary ghost Halloween costume or the wicked witch Halloween costume, but these days there are so many more Halloween costumes out there for you to try.

I do not have that much time today, but just off the top of my head here are a few fancy dress ideas for Halloween for you:

Halloween Fancy Dress Costume Ideas:

Witch Costumes for Halloween
Sexy Witch Costumes
Evil Witch Costumes

Ghost Costumes
Casper the friendly Ghost Costume
Scary Movie Ghost Costumes
Pirate Ghost Costume

Movie Characters Suitable for Halloween
Darth Vader Costume
Darth Maul Costume
Ghostbusters Costumes
Van Helsing Costume
Scream Stalker Halloween Costume
Addams Family Costumes
Frankenstein Costumes
Texas Chainsaw Massacre Costumes
Freddy Krueger Costumes
Friday The 13th Costumes (Jason Voorhees Costumes)
Psycho Costumes
Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas Costumes (Jack Skellington Costume)

Vampire Costumes
Victorian Vampire Costume
Dracula Costume
Fat Dracula Costume

Devil Costumes
Sexy Devil Costumes for Her
Handsome Devil Costumes
Devil Pimp Suit

Other Halloween Costumes
Evil Jester Costumes
Skeleton Costumes
Warewolf Costumes
Headless Horseman Costume
Evil Doctor Costume
Evil Nurse Costume

Monday, 4 August 2008

The Joker Costume

The Joker Costume Mask
With the release of the new Batman film: The Dark Knight, there will be many people out there going to a fancy dress party dressed in a Batman costume. Trying and be a little more original but still keeping within the batman and superhero costume theme have you thought of trying a Robin Costume although Robin does not feature in the new Batman film. If being a villain is more your style why not consider The Joker Costume?

Heath Ledger played an excellent part in The Dark Knight and I feel that his character of the Joker makes a perfect fancy dress costume. The whole of The Dark Knight film is much more darker than previous batman films and the Joker is no exception, The Joker costume is pretty scary and the film actually starts with the Joker robbing a mob-owned bank with several other accomplices, whom he tricks into killing each other.

More about The Joker and The Joker Costume

The Joker first appeared in the DC Comic books in the first Batman comic book, published in 1940. The Joker was created by Bill Finger, Bob Kane and Jerry Robinson and he has always been Batman's arch enemy. The Joker is a master criminal who has become a more and more dark character over the years. His crimes range from almost harmless tricks and thieving to violent murders. The Joker has green hair, red lips and pale skin, this is because he fell into a vat of chemicals bleaching his skin, turn and turned his hair green and lips red. The Joker costume usually consists of a Purple suit and green waist coat and gaudy tie.

Where to find the Joker Costume

As far as I know there are no official Joker costumes for sale at the moment, but I have seen a few scary Joker costumes on the aptly named Jokers' Masquerade fancy dress website that definitely look the part. Just search for Joker Costume when you get onto the website. They also sell a scary Joker wig as well as the Joker wig, so you can easily create a believable Joker from The Dark Knight costume, without breaking the bank.

If you cannot find the whole Joker Costume my advice would be to get the Joker mask and then perhaps find a purplish / blue suit with and waistcoat, you could probably do this by looking for clown costumes and that way you can make your own Joker Costume.

US Shoppers:
Joker Costumes on

Dark Knight Costumes

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A pretty good Joker Mask can be found on Amazon see below: