Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Pink Panther Costumes & Inspector Jacques Clouseau Fancy Dress

pink panther costumeThe Pink Panther 2 film is due for release in February and I thought that it may be fun to see what fancy dress Pink Panther costumes there are available and where you can find them.

About the Pink Panther
If anyone has ever watched any of the previous pink panther films, you will know that a "pink panther" as an animal does not feature anywhere in the films other than in the credits. The Pink Panther is actually the name of a diamond which is being tracked down by the bumbling Inspector Jacques Clouseau, who in the original 1962 film is played by Peter Sellers. Because of the popularity of the cartoon Pink Panther character in the opening credits, a series of short animated films was produced and that is how we have come to know the Pink Panther and is what the costumes look like.

The new pink Panther film has an impressive cast featuring Steve Martin, Jean Reno, John Cleese and Andy Garcia and we can only hope that the film is as good as the cast.

The Pink Panther Trailer

Inspector Jacques Clouseau CostumeInspector Jacques Clouseau Costume & Pink Panther Fancy Dress Costumes
There is the obvious choice of wearing a Pink Panther Costume, which are available in both children and adult versions. Another fancy dress idea would be to dress up in a Inspector Clouseau costume.
I also think that as a couples costume combination you could consider dressing him in a Pink panther or Inspector Clouseau costume and her in a diamond costume.

Where to buy your Pink Panther Outfit:
Amazon.com have a good selection of Pink Panther costumes and Inspector Clouseau costumes available.

Pink Panther Costume on Amazon.com

You could also try Buycostumes.com although as of today they do not have any in stock.

The UK
Amazon.co.uk also have a good selection of Pink Panther costumes at great prices, also try Jokers' Masquerade fancy dress

Pink Panther Costume on Amazon.co.uk

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