Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Valentines Ideas: Sexy Lion Costumes

sexy lion costumeI thought with valentines day approaching, it may be a good idea to start a series of posts related to different valentines day gift ideas. Because this site is all about fancy dress, I will of course be focusing on Halloween costumes. Fancy dress costumes are a difficult one as a valentines day gift, I think that male costumes do not work. I may be wrong, but I think the idea of a man dressing up in a fireman costume as a valentine gift for your partner does not work. But I think and I hope this not being sexist, a woman dressing up in a sexy costume to surprise their partner really works as a fun idea as a valentines day gift.

Sexy Valentines Day Lion Costumes
So to start with I have decided to go back to the jungle with some sexy lion costumes as ideas for different valentines day gifts. This costume pictured really caught my eye and I think it strikes a good balance between naughty, sexy and fun. Perfect as a valentines gift to your partner!

Sexy Lion Tamer Costume

Sexy Lion Tamer Costumes
Still keeping with the theme of lions and sexy costumes for valentines day gifts a slightly different idea would be to tame your lion at home and dress up in a sexy lion tamer costume. These are pretty cool and there are a few different versions available, my favourite one is pictured. I also managed to find a few, rather more frightening lion tamer costumes on that I think may be heading more towards the bondage end of the market, just though I'd let you know!

Where to Buy Sexy Lion Costumes

Shopping in the USA
I found both of these costumes on in the US
Sexy Lion Costumes on

Shopping in the UK
In the UK it is a little harder, there are a few lion and lion tamer costumes on Amazon, but I would also try Jokers' Masquerade as they have a large selection.

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