Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Frankenstein Costume

I know I should probably write about Frankenstein costumes nearer Halloween, but I was flicking through the TV channels on TV last night and came across an old Frankenstein movie and it got me thinking about fancy dress and how great this iconic monster costume would be even as a non Halloween costume.

Frankenstein was originally written by Mary Shelley and was first published anonymously in 1818 in London, possibly because Mary was a woman and the fact that she was only 19 and at that time many people would have wondered how such a young girl could have come up with such a ghastly story! The familiar story is of how the life spark is brought into a creature constructed from scavenged body parts of different people and how this monster was hideous to other people and Frankenstein himself is ashamed of his ugliness and tries to run away from it and somehow looks for any form of friendship. After several bad encounters with humans, the monster becomes afraid of them and spends a long time living near a cottage and observing the family who lived there. Because he has been watching this family, he becomes educated and realises just how different he is from the humans he is observing. He eventually seeks friendship from the family, but because of fear, they too reject him, this is the last straw and the monster then seeks vengeance on his creator.

Frankenstein Costumes
There are many different Frankenstein costumes on the market, including the very cute toddlers Frankenstein costume pictured below, a pet dog Frankenstein costume, the popular Bride of Frankenstein costume for girls and women as well as adult male Frankenstein costumes.

US Shoppers:
Amazon has a large selection including the toddler costume, pet costume and Bride of Frankenstein costume: Frankenstein Costume on

UK Shoppers:
Frankenstein Costume on

Make Your own Frankenstein Costume
If you don't want to buy, I also managed to find this video on how to make your own Frankenstein Halloween costume. This first video only shows you how to apply the latex rubber, there are more videos in the series, just click through the link below for the rest of the make your own Frankenstein costume series:
How to Make a Frankenstein Costume for Halloween

Similar Costumes: Fancy Dress Ideas
If you are looking for an outfit similar to Frankenstein, you could also try an Uncle Fester costume from the Adams Family.

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