Thursday, 2 July 2009

Harry Potter Wands

Harry Potter Wand
I thought that with Harry Potter mania sweeping the nation just before the release of the new Half-Blood Prince movie, I would take the time to write about some of the accessories to go with your Harry Potter Fancy Dress costume.

Harry Potter Wands
Probably the most important accessory of all if you are a wizard is the wand. In most wizard stories, it is the wand that chooses its wizard, due to the unique character of each wand, which must match that of the wizard. When trying out different wands, an aspiring wizard may cause some damage when he encounters wands that don't get along with him!

I am not sure if any will choose your little wizard, so you may have to do it for them!

There are a bunch of wands available and on Amazon I counted over 20 different types and so this is a great place to start:

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Harry Potter Wand on

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