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2 World Book Day Costume Ideas

So your kids are getting ready for the 2010 World Book Day that will be going down on March 4th 2010 but still don’t know what outfit to pick? Well, let me facilitate your search for the perfect costume with these three original World Book Day ideas.

kids aragorn costume (lord of the rings)Lord of the rings costume

Peter Jackson’s adaption of Tolkien’s mythical Lord of the Rings saga was a masterpiece and there are so many costume ideas and outfits that you can draw from the movie. I mean, the possibilities are endless! You can pick up a fancy dress and change your girls into ladies of the Galadrhim. Why not dress your kids in little hobbits, or elves -  there are plenty of hobbit and elf costumes available.

How about the ever popular Gollum? He has to be one of the most adored villains in the history of literature! Could you imagine the reaction of the crowd when they see a miniature Gollum enter the room? And most children just love to do Gollum impersonations, so that would make the Gollum costume even more realistic…

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James Bond Jr Costume

Let your children live the exiting life of a secret agent for a day. James Bond costumes are fairly simple and inexpensive. You can accessorize your children with little walkie-talkies and give them missions throughout the day. Kids love role playing, so tell them that they will be Bond, (insert first name there) Bond for the day. Tell them they have to save the world from a manic dictator or something and let their imagination sail free. Adorn them with thick sunglasses and mock ear plug radios and give them code words for when its time to go. If you have daughters, you can dress them up as little bond girls with a fancy dress and faux pearl necklace. I’m sure that will give them a World Book Day they’ll never forget…

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There are so many types of World Book Day costumes out there to choose from, but these two will be sure to impress your kids and World Book Day attendees. So enjoy the day with your family and why not get a Gandalf or Q costume for yourself and join the fun?

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