Tuesday, 10 February 2009

World Book Day: Peter Pan Costumes

peter pan costumeAs an idea for a world Book Day costume theme, I think that any Peter Pan costume would make an excellent choice. The magical story of Peter Pan, written by J. M. Barrie, tells of a naughty boy who refuses to grow up and his adventures on an island called Neverland is a classic and one that every child should know.

The Peter Pan Costume & Look
What is interesting is the way that most of the Peter Pan costumes all look pretty similar to each other, even though the author never really described Peter's appearance in much detail. It was probably his intention to allow the reader to use their imagination.

Most of the Peter Pan costumes available on the web are green and consist of a fleece like shirt and darker green trousers. Most costumes also come with the hat and feather to complete the look.

Apart form the actual Peter Pan costume, you could also wear a Captain Hook costume, especially if you would rather dress in a pirate costume. Or as a girl, a Tinkerbell costume would also really work.

UK Shoppers
Peter Pan Costumes on Amazon.co.uk Amazon have a good selection of Peter Pan costumes, including Captain Hook and Tinkerbell costumes and so are worth checking out.

Peter Pan at Jokers' Masquerade - joke.co.uk also have an excellent selection of Peter Pan Costumes, as well as Captain Hook & Tinkerbell for both children and adults.

US Shoppers
Peter Pan Costumes on Amazon.com - Like the UK, Amazon.com have all the Peter Pan themed costumes for adults as well as children that you could ever hope for.

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