Friday, 24 October 2008

Fancy Dress Costumes and Google Insights

Fancy dress related search terms
Google have recently released a tool called Google Insights where you can gain an view as to what people are searching for on their search engine. I decided to see what people search for in relation to fancy dress over the last year as knowing what people are looking for helps me to know what to write about.

Fancy Dress: Top searches
The 10 top searches in relation to Fancy Dress:
  1. fancy dress costumes
  2. costumes
  3. fancy dress costume
  4. fancy dress shops
  5. fancy dress shop
  6. fancy dress ideas
  7. fancy dress hire
  8. fancy dress party
  9. halloween fancy dress
  10. fancy dress outfits
So all pretty predictable although it is still interesting to me how many people still search for costume hire companies when looking for a fancy dress costume. What is also great is that so many people search for "fancy dress ideas" - you see I named my blog well!

Rising searches
Things really start to get interesting when we take a look at search terms related to fancy dress that have increased in popularity over the last year.

  1. leg avenue + 100% in popularity
  2. wonderland fancy dress + 60%
  3. army fancy dress + 50%
  4. ann summers + 50%
  5. joke fancy dress + 40%
  6. halloween fancy dress + 40%
  7. cheap fancy dress + 30%
  8. ladies fancy dress + 20%
  9. fancy dress outfit + 20%

So lets take a look at a few of them and figure out why they are increasing in popularity

1) Leg Avenue
Leg Avenue Fancy Dress is a costume company that almost exclusively sells sexy womans costumes as well as lingerie, shoes and swimwear. Leg Avenue started as a family owned hosiery business located in Los Angeles in 1984. From hosiery to lingerie, the company grew quickly. In 1999, the family formed Leg Avenue, Inc. to bring their new concepts to life and it wasn’t long before Leg Avenue decided to enter the Halloween industry. Their designs mix fashion with fantasy, Leg Avenue Costumes are sexy and fun and as they say themselves "No one does sexy costumes better than Leg Avenue." Which i would have to agree with as Leg Avenue are definitely one of my favourite Halloween costume manufacturers as they have some stunning outfits that are usually excellent quality.

More: Sexy Leg Avenue Costumes for Valentines Day

3) Army Fancy Dress
This is an interesting one, I have no idea as to why people are suddenly looking for army costumes? Maybe the fact that there are so may conflicts aroud the world at the moment and that they are all in the media, it had inspired people to dress up in army outfits? Who knows any ideas would be greatly apreciated.

4) Ann Summers
Like Leg Avenue, Ann Summers also stared life selling sexy underwear and lingerie and have now moved on to offer sexy fancy dress and Halloween costumes. Interesting haw it seems that sexy fancy dress is the in thing at the moment (perhaps I should write more about them!) In my experience, I have found that Ann Summers costumes are not as good quality as the Leg Avenue ones.

5) Joke Fancy Dress
I suppose this could be either people looking for novelty costumes, or possibly one of my favourite fancy dress companies in the UK, Jokers' Masquerade Fancy Dress. I think because their website is, many people just refer to them as Jokers Fancy Dress, Joke Fancy Dress or even just as According to their website, they have the largest online collection of adult fancy dress costumes and Halloween costumes in the UK, with over 10,000 costumes and accessories to choose from. I have often used them and would highly recommend them to anyone.

9) Fancy Dress Outfit
This is also interesting as it shows that people are starting to think of fancy dress as more than just as costume, but as an outfit, which to my understanding of the word in this context makes a fancy dress outfit somehow more substancial, more seriouse than a costume.

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