Friday, 31 October 2008

Crazy Christmas Costume Ideas

Christmas Tree Costume
Christmas fancy dress costumes do not all have to be about dressing up in Santa costumes, elf costumes or even reindeer costumes. Here are a few of my alternative fancy dress ideas for Christmas this year:

Christmas tree costume
What could say more about Christmas than the Christmas tree, but did you know that custom of erecting a Christmas tree or Yule tree comes from Germany and goes right back to the 16th century! I have seen Christmas tree costumes for sale on the web and think that they are excellent.

Snowman CostumeChristmas Snowman Costume
Ok, so I know that here in the UK it hardly ever snows on Christmas, but even so the snowman is one of the iconic symbols of Christmas, just take a look at the Christmas cards for sale in a book shop and see how many feature a snowman on the cover. There are Snowman costumes available and will make excellent fancy dress costumes for Christmas.

Christmas Turkey CostumeChristmas turkey costume
Ok, so far we have the Christmas tree, a snow man, but what about the Christmas feast? There are a couple of ideas here, what about dressing up in a Turkey costume or even a Christmas pudding, I have seen both available to buy on the web.

Christmas Grinch CostumeOther stange / different Christmas costume ideas could include a Penguin costume, Robin costume or if you want to be nasty this Christmas, how about a Grinch Costume?

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