Monday, 6 October 2008

Joker costumes popular this Halloween

Joker Costume for Halloween
So far this year, one of the most poplar fancy dress costume for Halloween is the Joker, based on the Heath Ledger's character from the Batman film, The Dark Knight.

Some people have gone as far to wonder if it is a macabre attempt to exploit his death or a way to honour the late great Australian actor? What ever the case according to sales statistics leading up to Halloween the Joker costume has been flying out of the door. There are even some Halloween shops in the US that just can't stock enough of the costumes. Across the pond in the UK, on-line fancy dress companies are also experiencing the massive increase in sales of the costume. "The Joker Costumes are definitely one of our best selling lines this Halloween" This is according a representative of Jokers' Masquerade fancy dress and Halloween costumes in the UK.

Dark Knight Costumes

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