Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Ghostbusters Costumes for Halloween

Ghostbusters Logo
Apart from The Joker costume, one of the most popular fancy dress costumes for Halloween this year are Ghostbusters Costumes. You can see the increase in traffic in the month of October to the website with the keyword "ghostbuster" in it. See the diagram below:

Ghostbuster Analytics

Ghostbusters Costume as a Halloween Costume?
For me the choice of a Ghostbuster outfit as a fancy dress costume for Halloween is an interesting one. The continued popularity of this now pretty ancient film, shows that a popular theme can have a very long shelf life. Ghosts are a perfect them for Halloween as most of them make pretty scary costumes, but Ghostbusters? Not only do the kill ghosts, but you would in no way call them scary. Perhaps it is the funny Halloween costume theme that is the drawing card here as I have noticed that funny Halloween costumes are becoming more and more popular every year.

If you are interested in wearing a GB costume this Halloween, what versions of the outfit are there?

Ghostbusters Halloween CostumesAdult Ghostbusters Costume
The Official Men's Deluxe Ghostbusters Costume according to the makers is not only an ideal Halloween costume, but also ideal for any 1980's party theme. The costume includes a beige jumpsuit, which fastens at the front by zip and the jumpsuit comes with collar and colour Ghostbusters logo on right upper-sleeve and also above left breast pocket. There are two breast pockets with zips to keep ghost-busting gadgets in! The inflatable proton pack comes with shoulder and waist straps and fasten with plastic buckles. The gun attaches to the backpack via Velcro. For extra value, the proton pack comes with a puncture repair patch in case of emergency.

Child Ghostbusters Costume
The good news is that there is also a children's version of the official Ghostbusters Halloween costume available

Woman's Sexy Ghostbusters Costume
I am pretty sure that this sexy version of the Ghostbusters costume wasn't in the film that I watched back in the 80's but it is nice to have a girls version and could possibly be used as the nicer part in a couples costume for Halloween!

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