Thursday, 23 October 2008

Top 10 Childrens Halloween Costumes 2008

Top 10 children’s Halloween costumes for 2008

Every year the range of fancy dress costumes seems to grow and the largest market for Halloween costumes are children's costumes. With the traditional bricks and mortar stores and on-line merchants offer a vast range of children’s costume ideas. Ranging from traditional ghosts, vampires and scary monsters to the South Park Muscle Devil Costume, from witches to the latest movie and television characters.There are literally thousands of childrens Halloween costumes available and you only limited by your imagination and of course your budget!

So what are the most popular Children's costumes for Halloween?
According to the fancy dress company the top 10 kids Halloween costumes this year are:

  1. Indiana Jones Costume
  2. Iron Man Costumes
  3. Batman Costumes
  4. The Joker Costume
  5. Hannah Montana Costume
  6. Sharpay (“High School Musical”) Costume
  7. Clonetrooper Cody (“Star Wars: Clone Wars”) Costumes (Darth Vader Costume) (Yoda Costume) (Princess Leia Costume)
  8. Transformers Bumble Bee Costume
  9. Monkey Costume (by Tom Arma)
  10. Monster bride Costume (Funny Halloween Costumes)
A trip down any high street or shopping center is also a good indication of what is popular, yesterday I found plenty of Batman, The Joker and Incredible Hulk costumes for boys. As for the girls there were Hannah Montana costumes including countless accessories including make-up, jewellery, blonde wigs and the sparkly microphone!

We all know that Halloween costumes can get pricey, this is especially true for older children who are less likely to re-use the costume for games of dress-up throughout the year. Discount retailers such as the Wal-Marts Woolworths and Targets of this world have their aisles filled with children’s Halloween costumes which can cost anything upwards from $15, quite a bit of money for just one night of use.

So is the solution to buying, a Homemade Halloween costume? It could be, but as you probably well know as well as me, with children it is hard to beat the glamour and glitz of the commercial costumes! If this still does not help see my earlier post on Kids Halloween costumes for less than $20/£10 and Kids Halloween Costumes

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