Wednesday, 12 March 2008

High School Musical Costumes

High School Musical Troy CostumeIf you are looking for a High School Musical Costume, they have been pretty difficult to find in the past and many people have resorted to making their own. But recently they have become much more widely available even to the extent that the whole range is now available on line.

High School Musical Troy Costume
If you don't know much about the film, High School Musical is basically a story of two high school kids, one, a boy called called Troy Bolton (Zac Efro) is really popular and captain of the school basketball team etc.

High School Musical Gabriella Costume
The other, a girl named Gabriella Montez is played by Vanessa Hudgens and is a beautiful but shy transfer student who is good at maths and the sciences.

High School Musical Gabriella CostumeThey both decide to try out for the leading parts in their school musical. Not to give too much of the story away, but because of this the school basically becomes divided with some of the students trying to prevent them from achieving their dream of playing their parts in The High School Musical. Troy and Gabriella eventually do overcome the peer pressure and all the rivalry as well as inspire others kids in the school not to bow to peer pressure and to follow their dreams as well.

All in all a fun film that sends out a good message to youngsters, so what better than using The High School Musical characters as role models as ideas for fancy dress costumes or even a themed party based around the film - who knows you could even have a karaoke night to go with it!

As always with over 10 000 fancy dress costumes in stock (so they say), Jokers Masquerade are bound to have what you are looking for and they do have a whole range of High school musical children's costumes: High School Musical Costumes

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