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Halloween Kids Costumes

Halloween Kids Costumes
If we get right down to it, Halloween and Halloween fancy dress is really about children.

One of the biggest traditions to do with Halloween is Trick-or-treating, where Children's Halloween costumes come into their own, but do you know where Trick-or-treating comes from?

Trick-or-treating actually goes all the way back to the middle ages when it was known as 'souling' During this time poor people and not only children would walk from door to door and effectively beg for food. This mostly occurred on the 1st of November, which is the eve of All Hallows day known as All-hallow-even (where the name Halloween comes from) and in exchange for prayers for the dead, they would receive food! The idea of wearing Halloween costumes or fancy dress for this is probably down to some of these people being ashamed of begging an so they would wear masks.

Children's Halloween costumes have come along way in recent years, gone are the days when all you could find for girls were scary witch costumes and boys Halloween costumes would consist of skeleton or ghost costumes. There is now a vast range of scary costumes as well as funny Halloween costumes exclusively for children.

Homemade Halloween Costumes
This of course can also mean that Halloween can become almost as expensive as Christmas time, unless you can find some cheap Halloween costumes, or if you can find some Halloween costume patterns and make your own. Personally I am rubbish at sewing and I do think that you can find some really creative Halloween costumes for Kids for sale on the web, you just need to do a little searching.

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Boys Halloween CostumeKids Halloween costumes ideas

Girls Halloween Costumes:
Witch Costumes
Vampiress Costumes (Girl Vampires!)
Child Corpse Bride Costumes
Bat Costumes
Lady Devil Costumes
Gothic Princess Costumes
Midnight Spirit Costume (pictured)

Boys Halloween Costume Ideas:
Evil Pirate Costume
Zombie Costume
Skeleton Costume
Ghost Costumes
Evil Clown Costumes
Evil Jester Costume
Vampire Costumes

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