Tuesday, 16 September 2008

The Sarah Palin Halloween Costume!

Topical Halloween Costumes

By far one of the most popular Halloween customes is to dress up in a scary fancy dress costume, children often go trick-or-treating and adults go to costume parties. Now because it is so popular and because the custom of dressing up on Halloween or more traditionally the eve of All Hallows day goes back to pagan times hundreds of years ago when people believed that to mimic the evil spirits would prevent sickness or the destruction of their crops, most adult Halloween costumes tend to be scary witch and ghost costumes and related themes. For more creative Halloween costumes you have to try a bit harder!

An new idea seems to be to dress up as a dark character from a movie, so a Darth Vader costume from Star wars would be a good example. So to make it more in the now, or topical you could dress up as a character from the new batman film: The Dark Knight, either in a Batman costume or Joker costume, both make great Halloween costumes as both are pretty "dark" characters.

This got me thinking what about politics, thats a pretty dark theme at the moment! Surely these days a Gordon Brown costume would make a pretty good mens Halloween costume! Or if you wanted to be real bad why not a Robert Mugabe Costume! Thats fine for me, but what about some political ideas for womens Halloween costumes?

I guess if you wanted to go retro you could always dress up as the Iron Lady, Margaret Thatcher or for something more now, I found this post (see link below) on The Sarah Palin Halloween Costume, it sure is topical, as for dark, I guess we will all have to wait and see!

Sundries: The Sarah Palin Halloween Costume: "The Sarah Palin Halloween Costume"

Happy Halloween!

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vbspurs said...

Thanks for linking to my Sundries blogpost. Quite coincidentally, I'm a British expat living in America.

I'll definitely be going as Sarah Palin this Halloween. I look brill in a chignon. ;)