Friday, 5 September 2008

Women's Halloween Costumes

Halloween costumes ideas for women

Traditionally when I think of women's Halloween costumes, just about all that springs to mind is a scary witch costume. Scary fancy dress ideas can be difficult for women. Traditional Men's Halloween costumes are much easier to come up with, you have ghost costumes, devil costumes, skeleton costumes, Dracula and vampire costumes and that is just off the top of my head!

For woman, being scary over Halloween can be difficult, but thankfully that is changing and now if you look there are plenty of really cool fancy dress womans Halloween costumes out there, you just have to search a bit and be a little creative.

The first thing to put into your mind is that not all Halloween fancy dress has to be scary!

womans halloween costume - When birds attackFunny Halloween costumes?
Yes it is possible! There are quite a few funny fancy dress outfits out there that make perfect Halloween costumes for women. An excellent example would be the "The When Birds Attack costume" pictured.Scary, but at the same time funny :-)

Woman's Cheap Halloween costumes?
Again, buying a fancy dress or Halloween costume does not have to be expensive, there are plenty of fancy dress outfits out there that work out as cheap and sometimes cheaper than if you were to hire a fancy dress costume this Halloween. Just take your time in looking for what is right for you.

Dark Queen Of Hearts CostumeUnique Halloween costumes for Women
What about a:
Bloody Nurse costume
Glitter Devil Costume
Widow Maker Costume
Mrs Lovett Sweeney Todd Costume
Dark Queen Of Hearts Costume
Gothic Bride Costume

Sexy Halloween Costumes
As a woman, Halloween does not mean that you have to be scary - there are littery tones of very sexy Halloween costumes out there, just a quick search brought back these ideas:
Sexy Satan CostumeSexy Evil Queen Costume
Dark Sexy Fairy Costume
Ghostbusters Sexy Costume
Sassy Satan Costume
More Sexy Halloween Costumes on

So when it comes to Halloween costumes ideas for women, there is plenty out there, including deluxe Halloween costumes, plus size Halloween costumes as well as couple Halloween costumes, suitable for both you and your partner. Just take your time in looking for your perfect outfit.

Happy Halloween!

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