Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Homemade Halloween Costume Ideas

A little like Christmas, Halloween seems to come around earlier and earlier every year, this to me is because like Christmas there are many people including fancy dress companies out there that are relying to on Halloween to make money and so compete to get noticed first in the market place.

Halloween Costumes On a Budget
Sometimes I feel that we spend far too much on Halloween costumes and fancy dress in general and so if like me you are looking for fun and unique Halloween costumes on a budget what should you do? A good place to save money is with Kids, have you ever noticed that young children often find the boxes more fun on Christmas day than the presents? Well if you follow this logic, I think it is very easy to have homemade Halloween costumes for Kids and they will be more than satisfied with the result. In fact, if you include them in the process of making the Halloween costume that can increase the fun of Halloween and bring you together as a family.

Homemade kids Halloween costume ideas:
Gypsy Costume: Made simply by layering all of the necklaces you own and layering several skirts or putting scarves on as skirts as well as putting on a bit of make-up, makes excellent girls Halloween costumes.

Ghost Costume: The simplest Halloween costume of all made with a sheet and a pair of scissors or for a toddler Halloween costume of a ghost, use a pillowcase!

Clown costumes: Made from a sweat outfit and loads of make-up and buying a multi coloured wig is fairly inexpensive. Clowns can be made into scary costumes depending on how you use the make-up and always make great childrens Halloween costumes.

Zombie Costumes: Made using a old pair of jeans, a torn T-shirt, jacket and shoes. All you need to get then is a makeup kit and add dark circles, blood and whatever other creepy effects that will complement your face paint kit and hey presto a perfect zombie costume!

Unique Halloween Costume Ideas
Apart from the children, you too can make your own adults Halloween costumes for stuff that you already have laying about the house, these outfits are not only cheaper than buying, but can sometimes make the best Halloween costumes.

Quick Fancy Dress Idea for Halloween:
Dress up as a head on a platter by putting a table cloth on card board and gluing paper picnic settings to it. Then all you need to do is put the costume on around your neck so that just your head is sticking out of the centre. Not only does this take very little work but you will be amazed by the reactions you will get from this unique Halloween costume.

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