Monday, 8 September 2008

Funny Halloween costumes

Who says that just because it is Halloween that you have to have a scary costume? Sure Halloween is supposed to be all about ghosts and daemons, but fancy dress is also about fun and there are plenty of fancy dress costumes out there that make perfect funny Halloween costumes.

So here are some of my best funny Halloween fancy dress ideas:

Fat Dracula Costume for HalloweenFat Dracula Costume
What could be more Halloweenish than a vampire and who's the most well known vampire of them all.. Dracula. What is slightly different about this outfit is that.. well he is fat! The Dracular costume includes a tone-coloured padded torso to create a portly chest and belly!

funny halloween costume - FrankensteinMonster Marriage Costume
Another pretty funny Halloween costume is this Frankenstein costume or should that be a Frankenstein bride costume? Anyway, it gives the perception that you are the Frankenstein's bride and that you are being carried on the back of the monster! The body suit hosts your body as the brides body and the Frankenstein monster legs, while there is an inflated body and legs for the brides body and legs!

Halloween fancy dress costume - devil costume

Good Over Evil Costume

For me this has to be one of the best Halloween costumes in the "funny category". Similar to the Frankenstein costume above, except that this time you are an angel that is being carried on the back of a devil. Your real legs provide the legs of the Devil and your body and head is that of the Angel, whilst there is an inflated body and head for the monster. Again a devil costume will probably be a pretty common theme over Halloween, but not many that will actually be funny like this one.

Count Dracula Halloween costumeDown for the Count Costume
When I first saw this costume, I was not sure if I should add it to this post as one of the best funny Halloween costumes as it is kind of scary! But then again if it is your kind of thing, I suppose it can be funny, I would just be careful where and when you wear it! According to the blurb on the box, the fancy dress outfit comes with a fake velvet cape, attached stand-up collar, a white shirt which has an attached red waistcoat, skin-coloured legs with dropped trousers and a removable inflatable 'date' with lingerie!

So there you go a few of my funny Halloween costume ideas which I hope will help you come up with some creative Halloween costumes this year and help you if you want to stay clear of the scary witch and ghost costumes!

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