Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Fairy Halloween Costume

Fairy Halloween Costume: Tinkerhell
If you think about it traditionally the only woman's and girls Halloween costumes available were scary witch costumes, these days we have a much larger selection of fancy dress ideas to choose from and one of the most interesting for me being Fairy Halloween costumes.

Fairies whilst not scary, have a mischievous, sometimes wicked side to them and so for me make excellent Halloween fancy dress costumes. Fairies originally come from Western European folklore during the medieval times. They and are almost always human in appearance, with wings and have magical powers that include being able to cast spells and to influence or foresee the future.

Tinkerbell is probably the most well known of all fairies, and playing on that and the Halloween theme you can get a Teen Tinkerhell Costume, the adult Halloween costume version is also available (The main image in this blog post is of the Tinkerhell Halloween Costume):

Teen Fairy Halloween Costume; TinkerspellAs well as Tinkerhell there are also Tinkerspell Costumes, Skull Fairy Costumes and Graveyard Fairy Costumes, so you see, as well as dressing up as a witch this Halloween there are also plenty of other choices for girls of all ages. Other famous fairies include the Blue Fairy from Pinocchio and the Tooth Fairy, but I am yet to see any Halloween themed costumes based around either of these two characters, what about this for a fancy dress idea: perhaps you could make Halloween costume based on one of them? with that note, I will cast a spell and disappear from here for today...

For UK Shoppers
Fairy Halloween Costume on Amazon.co.uk

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Fairy Halloween Costume on Amazon.com

Happy Halloween!

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