Monday, 1 September 2008

Fancy Dress Disney Costumes

Disney Minnie Mouse Costume
I am not sure what it is, perhaps just clever marketing from Walt Disney, but even though many Disney characters are pretty old fashioned, especially from the classic Disney films the fancy dress Disney costumes like Mickey and Minnie mouse costumes, Peter Pan costumes and Tinkerbell costumes and Snow White Costumes continue to be some of the most popular fancy dress themes for adults.

Perhaps it is because most of us have fond memories of these characters as children and therefore dressing up in a classic Disney character is always going to be fun. I don't have children, so do not know if kids these days are watching the old Disney films, but my feeling would be the next generation of adults dressing up in fancy dress Disney costumes will be all about Toy story costumes, with Woodie Costumes and Buzz Lightyear Costumes, then there could be great Lion King costumes like a Pumba costume and don't forget a Mr Incredible Costume. I have seen plenty of children dressing up in these new age Disney fancy dress outfits, but as yet not as many adults. You can find adult Buzz Lightyear costumes on the web as well as adult Woody and Mr. Incredible costumes so there is no reason why you cannot dress up in your fav Cinderella costumes for your next Disney theme fancy dress party!

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Kristian said...

i neeeeed a pumba costume :P where can i get it?


Ales said...

heyyy! I need how to make a pumba costume. Could you help me?