Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Creative Halloween Costumes: Top tips to find the best

One of the hardest things about deciding what Halloween fancy dress costumes to make or even to buy is to come up with unique and creative costume ideas. Inspiration is what you need and with this in mind, here are my top tips on how to come up with the best Halloween costume ideas this year:

1) Take a look at websites that sell fancy dress. I know this sounds obvious, especially if you plan to buy your costume, but if you are looking to make your own Halloween costume and just need some inspiration this can be one of the best place to start. Some of the larger on-line fancy dress retailers have literally thousands of costumes and that means that they also have thousands of ideas for you to take a look at. Another advantage is many of them have their costumes divided into categories, making it easy to come up with the perfect fancy dress theme for your party. Jokers' Masquerade fancy dress have over 10,000 (or so they say) fancy dress costumes and accessories on their site and makes a great place to do some research.

2) Photos are also a great for coming up with inspiration and there are many places on the web that you can browse photos of Halloween fancy dress costumes:

Try Google's image search (http://images.google.co.uk), most people know about searching for websites on Google, but did you know that you can also search just for images? The great thing is you can also be pretty specific if the term Halloween costume is too specific, why not try searching for:
Kids Halloween Costumes, Infants Halloween Costumes, scary Halloween Costumes, Funny Halloween Costumes, Witch Halloween costume or Couple Halloween Costumes, anyway i think you get the idea, you can get loads of ideas this way and not only for fancy dress. One word of caution, you may want to keep the Safe search filter on, there are also plenty of pretty nasty photos out there!

Google are a bunch of pretty creative guys themselves, in fact you can take a look at what costumes some of their employees wear for Halloween here:

Official Google Blog: By the pricking of our thumbs...

Flickr (http://flickr.com/) is also another great place to search for fancy dress ideas: Just type in Halloween Costume into the search box on the homepage and you will get back a bunch of inspiration. What is great about Flickr in comparison to google is pretty much all of the photos will be from normal people, like you and me posting photos of the halloween fancy dress costumes and not fancy dress companies posting pics of their outfits. So many of the photos will be from people who make Halloween costume themselves. My thought being: if they can make their own costume so can you!

So there it is, those are my top tips to help you come up with the most unique, creative Halloween costumes this year!

Happy Halloween.

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