Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Pet Halloween Costumes

I have spoken previously about how it is ok to have a funny Halloween costume, now I am about to approach a topic that for me really pushes out the boundaries of fancy dress: Pet Halloween costumes.

From the research that I have carried out, when we talk about pet costumes, we are generally talking about fancy dress for your dog, I am yet to find anything for your pet iguana or parrot, but you never know! Dog costumes, I think must have originated in the US and now are becoming more and more popular here in the UK and I guess if you are going to take your Fido out for a walk on Halloween it would be kind of cool to have him dressed up in a Halloween costume.

So what pet costumes are there out there and specifically what pet Halloween costumes are there? Here are my favorite ones that I have managed to find:

Dog Halloween Costume: Pirate This excellent Pirate Dog Pet Halloween Costume is only on Amazon in the US you can buy it on here Dog Pirate Halloween Costume

Or if Dracula is your thing for Halloween you could try this costume:Dogula Dog Dracula Costume Small

It seems that in the UK pet Halloween costumes are a little harder to find there are a few for you to take a look at here: Dog Costumes

Here is hoping that you and you pets have the best Halloween ever!

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