Monday, 13 October 2008

Breasts Sell Fancy Dress Costumes

I think with the title of blog post like this, I will have to explain:

At the top right of the Jokers' Masquerade Halloween Costume website there are 4 teaser icons that they use to highlight a few of their costumes, this year for Halloween, one of the costumes that Jokers' Masquerade wished to promote were the Ghostbusters outfits, one of them being the sexy female version of the costume. As you can seen from the screen grab below, the model's cleavage was used as the part of the costume to highlight it. anyone clicks on this icon, it effectively performs a search on the website for "Ghostbusters" which we can track using Google Analytics.

I bet you can't guess when Jokers' Masquerade started using this image by looking at the graph below:

Sexy Ghostbusters CostumeOn top of that, the proportion of people clicking this icon is well above any of the other icons next to it and because of this, the sales statistics show, the Ghostbusters Halloween costumes have been one of the top sellers so far this Halloween.

So there you go, I am not commenting, or judging just pointing out the facts, Breasts really do sell fancy dress costumes!

Ooh and if you want to see the icon on the website, pop over to the Jokers' Masquerade Halloween costumes and fancy dress website, but you will have to hurry as I am sure the icon will be removed after Halloween.

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