Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Womens Santa Claus Costumes

sexy santa costume
Christmas Fancy Dress Ideas: Santa Claus Costumes for Women
In this modern world Santa does not HAVE to be male, in fact if take a look there are almost as many Santa costumes for women as there are the men's version.

Sexy Santa Costumes
Ok, so we all know that the traditional Santa is supposed to be a big fat bloke with a beard, well for a far more sexier alternative, there are plenty of sexy Santa costumes available out there. Possibly more of a Christmas present for your partner than for yourself though! I also have a sneaky suspicion which version of Santa most teenage boys would rather have deliver their xmas presents to as well!

So for a little bit of fun and if you have got it why not flaunt it this Christmas in a sexy Santa costume! Amazon is a great place to start looking, they have a large selection of just about everything, but also many sexy Santa outfits for Christmas:

Sexy Santa Costumes on Amazon.com

Sexy Santa Costumes on Amazon.co.uk

Womans Santa Costumes
If dressing up in a sexy costume is not your thing there are also plenty of womens Santa Clause costumes available that whilst can never be fully traditional (Santa is a man!) they focus a little more on tradition and a little less on sexy than the one featured above!

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