Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Angel Costumes: Christmas Costume Ideas

An Angel fancy dress costume as a Christmas costume idea is something that I think many people miss when trying to come up with something slightly different to wear to the office Christmas costume party. We all know that an Angle or Star is often placed on top of the Christmas tree, but have you ever wondered why?

Couples Costumes
Both the Angel and the Star come from the Nativity story with the star representing the Star of Bethlehem and the angel from the host of angels. With this in mind I suppose a great idea for Christmas couples costumes could be to get your partner to dress up in a Star costume and you could dress up in an as the angel!

Adult Angel Costumes
An angle outfit For me make excellent elegant outfit as a Christmas theme costume. If you look on the web there are plenty of adult angel Halloween costumes out there and I have even found plus size angel costumes available so you should not have much difficulty in finding one in your size, price range and style.

Fallen Angel Costumes
These devil angel costumes are for those of you who would rather be a little wicked this Christmas! There are some excellent dark angel costumes available. Look out for the Naughty and Nice Angel Halloween Costume, that is half a devil and half an angel, for those that can't decide what side of the fence to sit on! Find a Fallen Angel Costume

Sexy Angle Costumes
I suppose another twist on the fallen angel would be a sexy angel costume. I never really thought of angels as being sexy before, surely they are fare to innocent to be sexy, but yes there are plenty of sexy angel Halloween costumes out there and I suppose if you have the figure to pull it off why not - perhaps this sexy fancy dress could could even turn out to be a present for your partner!

Child Angel Costumes
Just like the adult versions these days there are plenty of options for kids angel costumes in terms of sizes and price ranges available. One thing that I have noticed though is that within the range of childrens angels costumes is that there are very few of the "fallen angle" type available, perhaps though this is a good thing!

Infant Angel Costumes
Unfortunately I have not been able to find any infant or toddler angel costumes, there are plenty of toddler lamb costumes but no angels, which is a shame as I think they would be excellent. If anyone else happens to find any, please leave a comment to let me know about it. I suppose you could always make your own angel costume, here is how to make an angel costume: Home Made Angel Costume

Nativity Costumes
I don't feel that Nativity costumes have to be exclusively for children, I think is a great idea if you are looking at dressing up as a group. There are some great Christmas costume ideas here: The Three Wise Men Costumes, Shepherd Costumes, Sheep Costumes, Donkey Costume, Mary, Joseph and even a Jesus costume although personally I would treat these with respect. Then as mentioned there are the Angel costumes as well as the Star costume.

Where to Buy Angel Costumes
Good places to get all these angel costumes this Christmas include Amazon Angel Costumes
as well as Jokers' Masquerade Christmas Costumes

Here is hoping you have a very Merry Christmas!

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