Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Ideas for Sexy Christmas Costumes

sexy santa costume
Sexy fancy dress costumes in general are very popular and in fact continue to increase in popularity as can be seen with the rise of companies like Leg Avenue. Over Halloween there is a large increase in the number of sexy Halloween costumes for sale and now as Christmas approaches, we are seeing a similar rise in the number of Sexy Christmas Costumes.

So within the section of sexy costumes for Christmas what is available this year?

Sexy Santa Costumes
The obvious choice for a fancy dress costume, especially for men is to dress up in a Santa Claus Costume, but what if you are a girl? The good news is that there are plenty of Womens Santa Costumes, many of which would be described as being sexy. I have also noticed that there are a number of sexy Santa costumes for women that come under the name of "Christmas Gift Costumes." I guess that the idea is that you are giving yourself dressed in a sexy costume to your partner, definitely a Christmas present that I wouldn't mind receiving this year :-)

Sexy Santa Costumes on

sexy elf costumeSexy Elf Costumes
Other than Women's Santa costumes, there are some really good sexy elf costumes, the green elf costume pictured and is available from Amazon on the link below was one of the most popular fancy dress costumes over Christmas last year and it looks like it will be just as popular this year.

Sexy Elf Costumes on

Sexy Fairy Costumes
Another popular choice and can be especially handy if you don't feel like dressing in Green and red, is to dress up as the fairy that sits on top of many Christmas Trees, I have note yet found any sexy star costumes!

Sexy Fairy Costumes on

sexy angel costumeSexy Angel Costumes
There are also quite a few sexy angel costumes available, if you don't feel like being a fairy and I think is another great Christmas fancy dress idea.

Sexy Angel Costumes on

Other ideas for sexy costumes for Christmas include this Sexy Frosty the Snow-Vixen Costume, which again is a nice non green and red twist on the Christmas theme.

Sexy Toy Soldier CostumeI also found this great Nellie Nutcracker Toy Soldier Costume for woman that includes knit dress with gold foiled fabric, matching hat and "Nuts" bag as well as a Sexy Toy Soldier Costume, which is not strictly a Christmas costume, but it is sexy and it is red and white and so won't look out of place in any Christmas themed fancy dress party.

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