Friday, 18 April 2008

New Zealand Rugby bans Borat

Borat Mankini CostumeBorat Mankini Costume Angers Rugby Organisers

Rugby is the biggest sport in New Zealand, infact it is almost a religion and the seven a side game (rugby sevens) continues to grow. One of the biggest Rugby sevens tournaments in Wellington often sees crowds of over 70 000 attend, many of whom wear fancy dress costumes.

This year, the organisers said that the "party" is getting out of hand with many people getting way too drunk and dress code standards dropping below what is seen as "decent".

Many people attending the rugby tournament at Westpac Stadium wear fancy dress costumes and last year there was the legendary Borat, who went dressed in a lime green lycra V-string "mankini" and by the time 8pm rolled around, what little bits of clothing they had, had been lost in the heat of the day!

The Westpac Stadium stadium's has a dress code that says:
  • Costumes must conform to reasonable standards of decency;
  • They should not be so large that you take up more than your seat space;
  • Accessories that look like, or can be used as weapons are not permitted.

Borat Costume Banned!
Therefore it seems that this year and possibly forever Borat has now been banned from attending Rugby matches in New Zealand!

On top of that this year people could be slapped with a two year ban from the stadium if they are caught trying to sneak alcohol in.

Generally I think it is a good idea as many people take children and teenagers to the event and it should be acceptable for children. The organisers are quick to point out that they are not trying to ban fun, fancy dress costumes will still be permitted, but they must conform to what most people deem to be acceptable (what ever that is!)

Water pistols had also become an issue as drunken fans fired them at unsuspecting spectators.

Another ban was on high visibility, or neon, vests were banned because they allowed fans to evade security staff, who wore the same garments.

What Costumes to wear if you want to get banned!
Anyway here are a few ideas of costumes that will get you banned from watching rugby in New Zealand

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