Monday, 19 May 2008

Penguin Costume

penguine costume
Penguins are cute cuddly creatures, but even so it is hard to see why a penguin costume would be so popular, that is until you do some research and realise that the official mascot for Linux is Tux the penguin and as this operating system becomes more and more popular, so do penguin costumes! Penguin fancy dress costumes are popular and I guess this possibly has something to do with Tux as well as they are just cute and cuddly critters :-)

According to some research that I have done on the web, there are also quite a few people who want to know how to make a penguin costume, but to be honest... I feel who has the time?!!... on top of that by the time that you have bought all the materials, it will probably work out just as costly a buying your fancy dress penguin costume.

So where can you buy a penguin costume?
As always the web is the best place to look and as always Jokers' Masquerade has a great selection of Penguin Costumes – 7 different penguin costumes to be precise! From a teen Penguin costume that is less than £20 right up to a Luxury Penguin Mascot Costume that costs almost £400!

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