Monday, 26 April 2010

Safari Costumes & the Safari Suit

I was recently asked by someone if I could suggest a "uniform" type costume, that was a little different than usual and not your typical police or fireman fancy dress costume.

I had a little think and as I had recently returned from a wonderful safari holiday in South Africa, it came to me - a Safari costume!

The Safari Suit
I had a quick search on the web and sure enough there are plenty of safari fancy dress costumes available for men, women and children. The safari suit style seems to be the most popular, with an excellent Steve Irwin costume.

There are also other styles of safari Halloween costumes available including an Explorer costume that I guess is based on Indiana Jones.

Mens Safari Costumes
As mentioned, there are some great explorer fancy dress costumes available for men and boys. Look out for outfits that have over the top accessories included: Like leopard print hats, belts and even whips or if you are really going deep into the savannah, guns!

Sexy Safari Costumes
As well as standard womens safari costumes, there are a few that are far more revealing like the Sexy Safari Girl costume show that comes with the Khaki dress and safari hat with leopard print trim. Unfortunately the leopard print shoes are not included!

Where to Buy:

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Safari Costumes on

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More Information
Aas I mentioned that I have recently been on a real safari, I thought I would pass on some links for some real safari stuff that I found useful:

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